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Found 4 results

  1. A number of mobile browsers don't save the file correctly when the Generate button is pressed. Based on my experience just now, one popular browser saves a copy of the entire web page to the .ovpn, another just saves blank files. Rather than try to debug all of these I have a suggestion. Offer a checkbox or button on the Generator page that will display the config right there, in a box, such as an edit field, allowing the user to simply select and copy it to their paste buffer. This will get around filesystem quirks and give the user some flexibility in how to save it on their device. What's more if it's an edit field (textarea) and the user knows of changes they need to make or would like to insert a comment, they'd have the handy ability to do it right there in the web page before copying it. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. the .ovpn files from http://www.vpngate.net do not come with separated .certs and .key files, which are necessary to import them with nm-applet. nm-applet is the little GUI network manager tool in the system tray of debian and other Linuces. Now, the trick is simply to open, say, the downloaded vpngate_60.86.245.141_udp_1456.ovpn with a text editor and extract the 3 ASCII sections into 3 separate text files: ca.crt (changes like daily) user.crt user.key That's it ! Now import the .oVPN file from nm-applet GUI (add vpn ... from menu , create vpn with .ovpn-file etc.) and set those 3 certs and key. save it & you are good to go! This is the same procedure, incidentally, which you follow to set up an AirVPN, except these ship with crt & key separated already.
  3. Hello, How do i setup AirVPN over Tor, if dont want to use Eddie, but only the ovpn files and Tor? Also, do you have some n00b-friendly help how to do that on Whonix (their article on that https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tunnels/Connecting_to_Tor_before_a_VPN is frighteningly complicated) Thank you in advance
  4. Hi All, I was just looking for a plug and play pfsense router and I found this amazing product: https://www.ovpn.se/en/box Its to bad it's from a another VPN provider but I just asked the support and they say that every OVPN config file will run on it. I now have a Asus ac3200 200/20 mbit connection with VPN I got 40mbits and I hope the speed are much higher with this router. Has anyone experiences with this product and idea what speed I would get ? I hope the airvpn config files will run smootly on it. Btw Air thanks for the new servers!!!!!
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