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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I recently purchased AirVPN and it feels indeed very mature and tech-savvy service. However, I can't get full speeds, even though I have tried common tricks. I use an USB LTE mobile broadband stick, so my MTU is not (maybe) 1500 normally. Speedguide.net's shows that MTU is 1440 and MSS 1400, when I don't have the VPN connected. Because of mobile connection, my speeds differ from time to time, but currently I get download speed of 15 mbit/s and upload of 45 mbit/s (this is a result of many concurrent users at the same cell tower, but this is not the reason for low speeds, naturally). My OS is W10. I have tried both UDP and TCP modes and multiple ports, but speeds at AirVPN are DL 5-7 mbit/s and UL 10 mbit/s. They are significantly lower than without VPN. I increased the buffer sizes for both RX and TX to 256 kB and 512 kB, but it made not apparent difference. I tried the connection without Eddie and used the latest vanilla OpenVPN client with generated ovpn-configs, but speeds remained low. What is the most interesting part, is that my ISP is not throttling the connection. I tested this with another VPN service and their UDP protocol connection gave me DL of 12 mbit/s and UL of 39 mbit/s. I am sure there is some parameter which makes this difference, but what is it? I also trust 100 % at your infrastructure. Every time I connected to AirVPN servers, there were at least 850 mbit/s of bandwidth, so the problem is in the configure, but where? By the way, what I wrote about MTU, I didn't find any difference between AirVPN config and the another service's configc files, what comes to mssfix or related.
  2. Hi, I'm currently using a trial AirVPN account as I wanted to see how fast the servers are. My connection is 200/200 and I'm maxing it out in the speed tests, but with the VPN on I'm only getting about 70MBps. I've tested multiple servers, mostly the ones closest to me with the best pings. The speed seems to fluctuate a lot between them but the max I've seen was 100MBps. I remember reading that it's not unheard of to get around 200MBps through AirVPN so I would just like to see if I can get closer to that. I tried to look for tips to increase the speed and changed my send and receive buffer sizes to 256 KB. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks!
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