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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, What is the best practise with AirVPN to get access to and download BBC iPlayer content? Which servers and configurations to use? Using a router or an app? Thanks!
  2. Hello, iPlayer was working fine all weekend from UK based servers, but this morning it could tell I wasn't physically in the UK. I tried every UK server and cleared my browser before and after each connection. No luck. Is this temporary or has Air IPs been banned from the UK/BBC?
  3. I have had a problem with BBC iPlayer. When I was in France at the beginning of Sept I was blocked when using Airvpn, On returning to the UK on Sept 4, with the same server activated on my iPad, I could connect. However, that could be because you had fixed the issue as you posted Sept 5th. However, I did other tests with the iPlayer which I have just re-checked. I am in the UK. My iPad is connected to Europe, and my iMac to Switzerland. However I can reach iPlayer and play programmes on both devices. Why is BBC not blocking me? I have cleared all the bbc cookies from my browser. Can they see through the VPN to identify me as a UK based system? I have checked ipleak.net and that site does not detect a leak and I have used Eddie and Visocity. Do I have a cause for concern? Thanks
  4. Hi, Been watching iplayer for a few months now but it has stopped working since yersterday. I get a "BBC iPlayer only works in the UK" message. My ip address shows as being in England. Anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks, J
  5. I heard that the BBC iplayer block some of the VPN services provider. Would I be able to access BBC iplayer if I subscribe a plan here?
  6. Hello, I've been using AirVpn for a couple of months, I live in Germany and use it to log in to the UK servers to access BBC iplayer and the UK Netflix. I also log in through the USA servers and use the US Netflix which shows different programmes. This had been working fine. In the last few days when I log in via the UK servers I access the US Netflix and therefore cannot access the UK only programmes, what makes me think this is a VPN problem is that recently I've been able to access BBC iplayer via the USA servers even though BBC iplayer is only available in the UK. Is this a VPN or Netflix issue? Can anybody help with this?
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