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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a SystemD Service or something similar available that I can use to get the VPN service to start on boot? I'm running Arch Linux
  2. I've set up a SystemD Service (See below), which works a treat, but are there other options that I should consider adding/using? [Unit] Wants=network-online.target After=network-online.target [Service] Type=simple ExecStart=eddie-ui --cli --netlock -login=NotMyUserName -password=NotMyPassword123 -connect --batch path=/etc/airvpn/ Restart=always RestartSec=10s [Install] WantedBy=default.target
  3. Your eddie portable version of the client which is written in C# make enormous not needed usage of CPU on my ArchLinux. It continually uses around 50% of the CPU which from some reason make load on my machine goes over the 120 load after few minutes. My machine is two core four threads and it uses two cores fully all the time which is insane. I used simply openvpn with generated certs from the website and had minimal under 1% usage. Why does the eddie have that much use of cpu resources. Also one bad thing why there is no possibility to minimize your client. That is a bit irritating. Btw I have disabled checking for servers first I have selected checking for servers every minute then I thought maybe badly written code have problem with checking of the servers. Its not that. I dont write C# I write C and C++ I can write C# I just don't want to. And I expected at least a decent client. Btw I'm using your portable version I might try with AUR version. version is 2.13.6 which is the latest version.
  4. I'm trying to connect to AirVPN under Arch Linux via NetworkManager/OpenVPN. It connects successfully (it shows a padlock), but if I go to http://ipleak.net/ I can still see both my ISP public IP and my ISP DNS server. I followed this guide (even if it's for Ubuntu). You can find the relevant logs from the "journalctl" command in the attachment.
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