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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I would like to get some feedback from people accessing usenet regarding which provider they use to access it through AirVPN and how their experience is in terms of speed / connections, retention, availability, privacy (like anonymous payment methods etc.). Looking forward to hear for your recommendations Regards
  2. Hello, I am in search of Usenet Providers that are compatible with AirVPN, and that also have "Block" Accounts - A fixed quota of downloads, that do not expire, for a once-off payment. I used to be a happy subscriber at the Astraweb Usenet Provider, enjoying one of their block accounts. In recent times, unfortunately, Astraweb, have been comprehensively blocking the AirVPN nodes, and Astraweb has become unusable. Since I have no intention of moving away from AirVPN, consequently I am in search of a new Usenet Provider. My Astraweb Block account was ideal for my usage patterns, which is a bit of interaction in a few technical Usenet text groups, and uploading to Usenet Binaries Newsgroups (uploads were not metered in the Block account), I rarely download anything - consequently my Astraweb Block account was near immortal. This is the topic thread in the blocked websites sub-forum: https://airvpn.org/topic/23447-astraweb-from-nl-servers/ Any suggestions most gratefully apprised, thank you. Best regards,
  3. Hi! I'm new to VPN's and am currently trying AirVPN. I'm impressed so far except for one issue - my usenet speeds are super slow. As speedtest results below show I'm actually close to maxing my connection through AirVPN, browsing is very snappy and normal downloads, torrents etc. all get good speeds. But usenet is super slow and actually cripples the whole connection when it's running even at it's incredibly slow speed: Speedtest without VPN = 36.27 Mbps / 9.54 Mbps Speedtest on VPN = 34.55 Mbps / 9.06 Mbps Usenet without VPN = ~4.2 MB/s Usenet on VPN = ~200 KB/s Speedtest on VPN with usenet downloading @ 200 KB/s = 2.15 Mbps / 0.25 Mbps I've researched the forums here and have so far tried the following with no improvement: Tried various AirVPN servers (I'm based in UK, have tried various UK/NL/BE servers) Changed TCP/UDP buffers to 256KB Changed drivers for "TAP-Windows Adapter V9" Tried 2 different usenet providers and their various available SSL ports. Tried both Eddie client & OpenVPN client. Set-up: Windows 7, Sabnzbd usenet client. I was thinking it might be the usenet providers identifying and limiting a VPN user, but that would not explain the whole connection being crippled when it's downloading. Am I missing something obvious? Any help or suggestions welcome!
  4. Firstly I'm connecting from china so ssl or ssh is needed to connect to the airvpn servers I have tried switching between ssl and ssh before connecting to a server but none of them seem to help with the problem. I get max 350 KBps from the usenet server and while the connection is active to the usenet server I cant browse the internet it just says the dns server could not be reached. I tried disabling ssl to the usenet server and connecting to the normal usenet port but I get the same problem. Thanks in advance
  5. Just posting here for some input recently moved my system to my vpn lan (using pfSense) my internet speed is 50 mbit down so in the tunnel i get about 30 mbit not bad. I use ftp in the tunnel to connect to a seedbox transfer speed about 1.5 MB, also not bad. One day checking sab i notice that it was downloading at 44kb, was going to take 42 hours to download this file. That nuts. So i tested FTP to seedbox and that still was fast. Move sab to clearnet and boom also getting 1.5 MB, move it back to vpn and it just drops to 44kb. any reason why? i know im using SSL to connected to the usenet servers, one has a 40 connections that can be used, the other 10. I also tried usenet servers non SSL servers and still same outcome.
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