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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have problems when downloading with AirVPN on Ubuntu 16.04 using OpenVPN client. I have tried switching to other VPN servers, but still have problems with the download speed. The speed often goes to zero and sometimes it goes up, but then quickly drops to zero again. For example it goes up to 1.1Mbit and then slowly goes back to zero. And 1.1Mbit is not even close to my actual network speed. When I disable openvpn the download speed is back to normal. Any ideas why this is happening? Cheers!
  2. Hi I've added the following directives to my openVPN client configuration file in order to maximise the VPN throughput on my Ubuntu 16.04 based VPN router/gateway. fast-io nice -20 Starting my VPN with sudo service openvpn restart, initiates the VPN correctly, but the "nice" directive isn't applied. Relavent lines of log are below. Feb 14 12:30:09 srvbuntu ovpn-airvpn[23065]: nice = -20 ... Feb 14 12:30:09 srvbuntu ovpn-airvpn[23065]: fast_io = ENABLED ... Feb 14 12:30:09 srvbuntu ovpn-airvpn[23067]: WARNING: nice -20 failed: Operation not permitted: Operation not permitted (errno=1) If I start the VPN from the CLI using "sudo openvpn airvpn.conf" the "nice" directive is implemented: Tue Feb 14 12:37:25 2017 us=588423 nice -20 succeeded What is preventing the nice directive from being followed when I start it as a service?
  3. The support team recommends: In Ubuntu 16 you need Eddie 2.11.9beta because Eddie 2.10.3 (current stable release) is not compatible with Mono 4 (default Mono package available in Ubuntu 16 repositories). To download Eddie latest beta version please see here: airvpn.org/topic/18625-eddie-211beta-available/ However, I cannot find a link to find and load Eddie 2.11.9beta. I would appreciate some help. ice
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