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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! It appears that Snoonet IRC does not accept connections from German VPN servers. [13:07:19] * Searching for irc.snoonet.org [13:07:19] * Connecting to irc.snoonet.org ( [13:08:50] * Connection failed (SSL handshake timed out) I may appear as an SSL error of some sort but the same does not apply to my real IP - connection gets established almost instantly. I've set routes to three of the IP addresses eu-irc.snoonet.org resolved to in a timespan of 20 minutes temporarily. Connects instantly... PIA really is a shitty company.
  2. This is a follow-up thread of the general perception of and opinions on AirVPN on Reddit. There's a VPN subreddit dedicated to news and questions regarding VPNs in which I read mostly positive things about AirVPN in September 2014. Which VPN is better for the money, AirVPN or PIA? Best AirVPN alternative? How is AirVPN? TorGuard Vs AirVPN? Which do you recommend? price inst an issue , just looking to purchase the best option NordVPN or AirVPN for a Mac user? Which is faster, AirVPN or ExpressVPN? << not many answers, though Does anyone have experience with AirVPN? << same here Some interesting findings: Can we ban /u/PCAddiction please? << a redditor claims a user is shilling for AirVPN and therefore might be affiliated with or even might work for AirVPN AirVPN banned me << Anyone remember the fradulent activities guy? - VPNs - the only case known to me where a post of a new member have been edited by mods /r/AirVPN << did anyone know we've got an inofficial AirVPN subreddit?
  3. Out of boredom I searched for AirVPN on Reddit. This is what I personally found most interesting. The subreddit (VPN) isn't very popular but I think it's enough. Opinions on AirVPN? Worth it to switch over from AirVPN to Private Internet Access? Trying to decide between proxy.sh and AirVPN An object lesson in how to handle Heartbleed and customer interaction - AirVPN Edit: I found one more subreddit (/r/vpnreviews) but there's only one AirVPN review by vpncompare.co.uk dated November 24, 2013. Their conclusion:
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