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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Long-time AirVPN user, I'm on a linux PC, using the ufw method described here: (https://airvpn.org/topic/5586-prevent-leaks-with-linux-firestarter-also-stop-traffic-when-vpn-drops/?p=14095). I would like to share this connection with other devices, having my PC serve as a kind of router. Assume I cannot modify my router or the other devices to natively use AirVPN. I have been able to create a wifi hotspot using an ethernet connection. However, my devices are unable to complete the connection until I disable the firewall. Obviously, this is not an acceptable solution as it will allow leaks and I was wondering if anyone here in the community could modify randombit and worric's method to allow hotspot usage.
  2. Hey there, i've been recently to hamburg and talked to some guys who are working on a project called "Freifunk" [1] [2] in hamburg. They have around 400 Nodes, serving around 600 Clients at the moment, running and providing censorship free internet without any kind of limitation. The free access to the internet is not the main goal, but a feature. The "main goals of freifunk are to build a network that is decentralized, owned by those who run it and to support local communications". They are always looking for reliable vpn server to keep the community project running and the risk of being sued low. The community is running under the "Pico Peering Agreement v1.0" [3]. Maybe it´s something you want to support. [4] [1] freifunk.hamburg.net [2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freifunk [3] http://www.ohrensessel.net/ffhh/total [3] http://www.picopeer.net/PPA-en.html [4] https://hamburg.freifunk.net/kontakt
  3. Hi! After AirVPN Major System Update of April 2014 user can use three alternative connections simultaneously on three different devices with only one bought account. I would like to use my laptop (with Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit and Comodo Firewall configured to prevent ip leaks) as a hotspot. When Comodo Firewall is turned off, everything works perfectly. I can connect my netbook to internet via my laptop and, of course, use AirVPN clients on both machines. However, when Comodo Firewall is turned on, it blocks device, which is connected to hotspot providing computer, from obtaining the internet data transmission. My Comodo Firewall on host is set to prevent leakage according to to the description given here (https://airvpn.org/t...-prevent-leaks/). To let device (connected to host) be connected to internet, I have to disable the main firewall rule (Block And Log IP In/Out From MAC Any To MAC Any Where Protocol Is Any) by changing the command "Block and Log" into "Allow and Log". After the moment when device was just connected and AirVPN client started the encryption of all the communication with the network, the rule can be restored. Is there a possibility to modify configuration of Comodo Firewall to let devices be connected to network through hotspot providing computer without any manual operations within the firewall of the latter? If yes, tell me how, please. I would like to be still protected against ip leakage of course. Thank you for your responses.
  4. Hi all, I've been using AirVPN for some time now and I'm pretty pleased with its speed and functionality. I'm trying to get the program to work on my SurfaceRt, but no luck so far. I thought as a work around I could transform my windows8 laptop (connected to the internet using airvpn) to a WiFi hotspot, connecting my surface and voila! However, if I'm checking my IP address on my surface using the wifihotspot, it still shows the ip issued by my isp. Is there something i'm doing wrong? If this is not supposed to work this way, any suggestions on using airvpn on my surface rt? Thanks in advance!
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