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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I have a Win10 PC, with qBittorrent. I have been able to port forward successfully! However, I find that whenever I close qBittorent, and then open it back up later, the port is no longer open and says "Connection timed out (110)", so in the client I'm actually unable to download/upload/connect to peers. I did some research and found the fix for this on these forums (temporarily). Pretty much, I have to open my client, go to the advanced settings, Change it from "Eddie" for the Network Interface to "Any Interface". Then, close the client, open the client back up and then again change from "Any Interface" back to "Eddie", and it works again! I have to do this every time I close my qbit client/turn of PC. I do also confirm that the port on AirVPN's Client Area matches the one in qBitorrent. Then it works again, I'm connected/uploading/downloading and AirVPN's client area confirms that the port is Open. I would just rather not have to go to these steps everytime I close qbit. Could it be that I need to bind to an IP address/(an option I see in qbittorrent) IP address changing depending on the server that I join that makes this happen? Now, I'm not super knowledgeable in this area but I'm constantly trying to learn. So I don't know what I don't know.. If there is any additional information needed that I need to share to troubleshoot, please let me know. And thank you in advance for any help and suggestions.
  2. I am getting very high CPU usage with latest Eddie client on Windows 10. Same issue with beta. All it takes is for Eddie to run (idle) in the background without establishing connection and the CPU usage goes up to 15%. I tried this on 2 PCs (laptops) and the fans always go crazy as soon as the app is started. Never an issue with official OpenVPN client or Wireguard client. Am I the only one having this issue? I haven't come across any complaints in the forums.
  3. Hello, It appears that Eddie 2.10.3 always use bundled openvpn executable, even if I specify another executable under advanced settings. 2.11.x obeys the setting just fine though
  4. Recently joined and trying to lock down the fort. How can I patch up the DNS leak? I disabled IPV6 on Ethernet 2 and Wi-Fi adapters, and IPLeak appears to pass. Just DNS leaking.
  5. Whenever I read something about Windows 10, be it a news article or a forum post, I also read the word "privacy nightmare". It refers to excessive data collection practices by Microsoft's new operating system. Some of these can't even be disabled by going the usual way using built-in settings. Luckily, these are the forums of a VPN provider where you can find guides on what to look out for when you want to forcibly shut down the unnecessary "spying". And I wanted to contribute to this by introducing software which helps with this task. O&O ShutUp10 Focused on privacy settingsMust be installed: NoIcons after every setting warn you about possible risksShows you what exactly is changedConvenient search if you look for a specific settingDoNotSpy10 Focused on disabling services like Cortana, sensors, telemetry, and othersMust be installed: Yestraffic light coloring of settings indicates possible impact on the systemshows brief explanations for every settingfree download is ad-supportedW10Privacy Focused on privacy settings and all pre-installed appsMust be installed: NoMore detailed toggles, like just preventing OneDrive's sync feature instead of disabling/uninstalling it as a wholetraffic light coloring of every setting indicates possible impact on the systemhovering over a setting shows some info on what is done when toggledMaybe we should not ditch the OS but ditch the name: Microsoft Privacy Nightmare, or PN. Microsoft PN. Would really be a witty step after the last creative developer left Microsoft sometime after the Vista release. If you ask me, they instead hired devs who get an instant erection seeing so much data.... from just one Win10 installation.
  6. This might be covered elsewhere but I can't find it with search so I thought I'd ask. It takes a little while for Windows 10 to connect to a network (wired, in this case) after waking, but Eddie (v2.10.3) starts trying to re-connect before the network is actually up. In most cases this causes it to start connecting, fail, then re-connect, which seems like a waste of time. And since it takes longer to cancel the connection than to just let it try it's usually faster to just let it go. As well, if "Force reconnection to last server" is not checked it will sometimes connect to some random server that's nowhere near the fastest as the server list seems not to be updated for speed (no stars next to any servers and they'll be in a different, seemingly random order). Also, I'm not sure if this is related but if network lock is enabled it sometimes seems to trigger a loop wherein AirVPN can't connect/retries/fails/retries/etc. and I have to kill AirVPN, go into the adapter settings and turn DNS back to auto, re-open AirVPN and re-connect. Is there a way to make Eddie wait a few seconds before attempting to connect to ensure the network is up?
  7. I used Air without problems on win 7 and win8. I have a new laptop with win10. Using Eddie with this has been disastrous. Connection dropping, reconnection attempts in endless loops, then nothing. I am a computer novice. I kept getting DNS not resolved, or something like that, and I could not use my normal nternet connection. Trouble shooting with Win said certain protocols were missing, and I had to reinstall windows, as I didnt know how to fix it, and had nobody to ask. I have logged a ticket, but thought I would post it here as novices like me should be aware that Eddie will cause problems with Windows 10. Is it possible to use an earlier version of Eddie? Or is there a definitive fix? A "How To" guide is essential for Win10 users, as Eddie is not a working as a click and forget client.
  8. Running fine, 1 - 2 days without problem. Then all of a sudden it goes into a endless loop of failed connections. It first happened on last stable release thus the reasonI tried the experimental release. . 2015.08.02 10:48:38 - OpenVPN > open_tun, tt->ipv6=0 . 2015.08.02 10:48:38 - OpenVPN > CreateFile failed on TAP device: \\.\Global\{8538B42B-6DB8-40F0-ADF4-376A5E324539}.tap . 2015.08.02 10:48:38 - OpenVPN > All TAP-Windows adapters on this system are currently in use. . 2015.08.02 10:48:38 - OpenVPN > Exiting due to fatal error . 2015.08.02 10:48:53 - OpenVPN > open_tun, tt->ipv6=0 . 2015.08.02 10:48:53 - OpenVPN > CreateFile failed on TAP device: \\.\Global\{8538B42B-6DB8-40F0-ADF4-376A5E324539}.tap . 2015.08.02 10:48:53 - OpenVPN > All TAP-Windows adapters on this system are currently in use. . 2015.08.02 10:48:53 - OpenVPN > Exiting due to fatal error . 2015.08.02 10:49:01 - OpenVPN > open_tun, tt->ipv6=0 . 2015.08.02 10:49:01 - OpenVPN > CreateFile failed on TAP device: \\.\Global\{8538B42B-6DB8-40F0-ADF4-376A5E324539}.tap . 2015.08.02 10:49:01 - OpenVPN > All TAP-Windows adapters on this system are currently in use. . 2015.08.02 10:49:01 - OpenVPN > Exiting due to fatal error and so on... I check the network adapters and see no tun devices available to connect to. A reboot of the OS is the only option I have left which corrects the problem until next time.
  9. Hi all, Since upgrading to Windows 10 there is a build-in feature to use a VPN. Had any of you had any luck configuring it? I would like to use the VPN when it's needed and just browse on my normal connection when it's turned off. The browsing speeds were horrible on windows 7 and I had to turn it off everytime and changing the dns to be able to enjoy my 100mbit browsing experience and not a 33k6. Any help/input is appreciated!
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