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Found 4 results

  1. I have not been able to connect to the AirVPN server since changing my keys/certs according to the Notice posted 12 April 2014. I created a .ovpn configuration as instructed and just replaced my keys/certs in the OpenVPN configuration for the Toastman Tomato firmware on my WRT54GL router. The instructions are a little dated. Here is what I have found: There is no "Member Area" that points to "Access Without Our Client" anymore. I went to:Client Area --> Config GeneratorFollowing instructions at: https://airvpn.org/tomato/The first screen shot shows information added to EXTRA HMAC AUTHORIZATION (TLS-AUTH) that does not exist on my system so I have left it set to "DISABLED";The second screen shot link is broken;I have one file, a "AirVPN_[Country]_UDP-443.ovpn" file, which does not include USER.KEY, USER.CRT, or CA.CRT files;So, in the one file, I took everything from the <ca> .... </ca> beginning with "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and ending with "-----END CERTIFICATE-----" and put it in the CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY box in the OpenVPN configuration (this is the top box, the box titled STATIC KEY does not exist);I took the certification beginning with "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and ending with "-----END CERTIFICATE-----" in the <cert>....</cert> area and pasted it into the CLIENT CERTIFICATE box;Finally, the <key>....</key> that starts with "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----" and ends with "-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----" I put into the CLIENT KEY box in the OpenVPN area.I did these steps originally and was able to connect; however, with the new information/configuration I am not able to connect; hopefully, I am missing something simple . Note: I apologize if I seem confused; I have brain damage due to a medical condition and some days (like today) my ability to troubleshoot is limited...
  2. Hi All, Since the Update, Im unable to connect via my DD-Wrt Setup Router, Using the OpenVPN Client.. I've Re-Downloaded the Keys/Certs & Re-Copied them, Iv'e checked 3 Times to see if they are in the correct Boxes. Iv'e tried Adding the "TLS-DHE-RSA ETC" 256 Bit. But it sticks & dosn't even Log anything. Does Nothing.. When i Choose "None" It goes into a Loop. ******Date & TIme Is Correct" As that error does point to a date error, but the date is fine.. as ive said, everything has been working Prior to the update...*****
  3. Can someone on Air VPN technical staff provide guidance regarding if/how the Heartbleed vulnerability affects our connection on AirVPN and/or connection to the other websites we may be accessing?
  4. Hi there, I thought I'd direct the AirVPN staffs attention towards this newly discovered bug in certain versions of OpenSSL. Description: http://heartbleed.com/ Reddit Netsec Discussion: http://www.reddit.com/r/netsec/comments/22gaar/heartbleed_attack_allows_for_stealing_server/ Are AirVPN users vulnerable to this exploit, and if so will you be implementing Fixed OpenSSL? Thanks, you guys are always awesome!
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