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Found 4 results

  1. I just installed OpenVPN for Android on my phone today. After some phone buggy-ness and fiddling, I got it all working. Cool. But I noticed that when connecting to AirVPN, I was never asked for my login+pw. Hmmm... Ok, I now figure the .ovpn files I generated and imported have some keys/certificates embedded that authenticate me personally as the user who needs to login/connect to AirVPN. If that's true, and if my phone is stolen, how can I invalidate those credentials of mine so the thief can't login to AirVPN as me? Will a simple password change on the AirVPN website do the trick? (Thanks, everyone.)
  2. Hi All, Since the Update, Im unable to connect via my DD-Wrt Setup Router, Using the OpenVPN Client.. I've Re-Downloaded the Keys/Certs & Re-Copied them, Iv'e checked 3 Times to see if they are in the correct Boxes. Iv'e tried Adding the "TLS-DHE-RSA ETC" 256 Bit. But it sticks & dosn't even Log anything. Does Nothing.. When i Choose "None" It goes into a Loop. ******Date & TIme Is Correct" As that error does point to a date error, but the date is fine.. as ive said, everything has been working Prior to the update...*****
  3. Hi all, if someone could help me please, how does the Open VPN client generate the RSA keys it uses for the initial handshake when logging on and then for the encryption of traffic? Does Open VPN generate it's own keys ( and if so according to what rules) or does it 'buy in' a key or key template from the company of the name RSA or where do these keys come from? Thanks.
  4. I truly love your service, I have no issues what so ever. I may eventually have to negotiate a deal so I can use my account from two sources at the same time e.g pc/tablet. I am curious if there are any risks or negative risks involved in changing the reneg-sec time period? Could there be extra overhead or performance issues involved? Thanks!
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