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Found 51 results

  1. Hi all I setup Airvpn with pfsense with this guide,I have static IP at home everything work great with VPN and normal internet,the problem start when evrynight between 00:00 to I restart OpenVPN morning I lost von connection I don't know why I contact my ISP they said there is no problem I checked logs in pf sense also not see any problem.sny help please what's the problem? Sorry English is not my native language.
  2. Hello! I'm following this description (link) to make a VPN Proxy VM in Qubes OS. Unfortunately when it says to check the connection, i can't figure out how to do it. This is what i did and got an error: 1. In the VPN Proxy VM opened a terminal 2. The .ovpn file is here /rw/config/vpn/Airvpn_Europe_TCP-443-Entry3.ovpn 3. In the terminal from /home/user i use the command: openvpn --cd /rw/config/vpn --config Airvpn_Europe_TCP-443-Entry3.ovpn Unfortunately i get an error: Option error: Unrecognized or missing or extra parameter(s) in Airvpn_Europe_TCP-443-Entry3.ovpn:19: data-ciphers (2.4.7) Use --help for more information. openvpn version (debian-10): 2.4.7-1 I downloaded the .ovpn file like this: Config Generator > choosing Linux as my OS, IPv4 only for IP layer exit and IPv4 as Connect with IP layer, tick the Advenced Mode, selecting OpenVPN version >=2.5, choosing OpenVPN TCP 443 tls-crypt, tls1.2 as the protocol and tick By Continents > Europe and finally generating and downloading the .ovpn config file, where i changed eurpe3.vpn... to europe3.all.vpn.... Could someone help me out how can i check the connection with openvpn CLI? Thanks any help you can provide!
  3. Hello! I'm following this description (link) to create a VPN-proxy VM in Qubes OS. There is a step where i should create some firewall rules in the VPN-proxy to prevent leaks. I'd like to use a random European .ovpn configuration, so i go to Config Generator > choosing Linux as my OS, IPv4 only for IP layer exit and IPv4 as Connect with IP layer, tick the Advenced Mode, selecting OpenVPN version >=2.5, choosing OpenVPN TCP 443 tls-crypt, tls1.2 as the protocol and tick By Continents > Europe and finally generating and downloading the .ovpn config file, where i changed eurpe3.vpn... to europe3.all.vpn.... To create the firewall rule, I need the IP addresses that belong to the European servers. What is the easiest way to find out these IP addresses? If i'm downloading the .ovpn file as resolved hosts, i only get 1 IP address. Thanks any help you can provided!
  4. Downloaded this program for the first time and after i press "connect to recommended server" and the "tunnel drivers" are installing, the process is aborted and this message apears: "VPN network adaptor not found: install fail (0901)". After three seconds it restarts, and the message reappears, over and over again. What to do?
  5. I even went so far as to install open vpn, which i am 99 percent sure i never had to do in the first place, and in the network connection area with the ethernet / taps adapters / bluetooth adapters, every time i try to right click and hit properties I get "an unexpected error occured. I'm not sure if what the txt doc i a ttached is the one that you need to help me trouble shoot but i hope it is. Eddie_20200929_213314.txt
  6. Hello i have this vpn 2 days now and it worked yesterday but today i start it and it keeps loading and i get error message 1 ipv6 error message what do i do? E 2020.09.02 15:39:16 - OpenVPN > ERROR: Windows route add ipv6 command failed: returned error code 1 also how can i send you logs .
  7. HI, My name is Asif From Pakistan. I have purchased this AirVpn Subscription and It is not working on my two computers. It always connects but It does not receive data from those servers. Which overall I can,t use the internet. Sometimes, It connects and speed comes and after some minutes. The connection drops. pls, help me. If someone wants to check my system I am ready to give remote access.
  8. I want my apache2 website to be available always so am trying to buy a domain and switch it to your DNS sever or how does it work ??? or i will just point A record to my exit IP and that'll all ???/ even all the forwarded port in my client area will be running fine?? Do i have to update nameservers to airdns nameservers in my domain panel ? or not need
  9. Hey all, I'm excited to start using AirVPN. I'm running into a couple of issues. When I try connecting with IPv6 enabled it gets stuck and never connects. When I try connecting with just IPv4, it works! However the download and upload are both 0 bits. When I try using network lock with the IPv4 connection, it worsens even further by disabling even web browser connection. I can connect to the web when using only IPv4, but not when network lock is activated. (I'm activating network lock and then connecting to the VPN) Is the speed supposed to read only how much is being used currently? If so that's not a problem. I still would like to be able to use network lock. I noticed NordVPN in my network adapters could that interfere? Log files included. Edit: Hey sorry everyone seems to be working now! Thanks. Edit2: Well IPv4, still no dice on IPv6. Will this be a detriment? ipv4 network lock.txt ipv4 no lock.txt ipv6 no lock.txt ipv6 lock.txt
  10. I have the fx505du. I Installed airvpn and it crashes on open. What's worse is it does the network lock when it opens but it gives me no option to disable the network lock. So I also cant get the usual reports I give to support. Have tried reinstalling and reboot multiple times now, nothing works. Any ideas? Something about object being not referenced to something
  11. is theres a way to use airvpn server as ssh account for http injector? and how can i make ssh server? thanks
  12. IPv6 IS NOW WORKING AGAIN. 1. Does anyone have an IPv6 address with Lich? I can get one normally with other servers but not Lich. I've messaged support, they said (on December 11 or earlier) that the datacenter had one business day to reply to them about the problem and they confirmed issues with it. But they seem to be ignoring my responses. So do you have IPv6 with this server? 2. Why does IPLeak.com say the long, lat is 0 , 0? I mentioned that in the above mentioned support ticket and it was completely ignored. Dnsleaktest.com says unknown as the location and not United States or something.
  13. I run Windows 7. From one day to the other AirVPN seems to be stuck in a loop trying to connect to a server, disconnecting and trying another server address. I rolled my Window 7 back to another starting point and than it worked. Because the rollback did not fully work, issues in Windows Outlook 2013, I rolled it back to a more recent point, 22-11-2018. Than everything was fine again but connecting AirVPN was stuck again in the same loop. I discovered that there was a recent Windows update with some safety crap from Office 2013 and 2 Windows defender safety updates. I d-installed the office 2013 updates but the Defender updates didn't show so I could not get rid of it. Windows defender is off in settings. I downloaded the newest version AirVPN 2.17.2 (thanks Giganerd) but still. I don't know what the issue is but I suspect that Windows closed a "loophole" for AirVPN to connect, I'm not a computer wiz so please not to complicated answers please. Buy the way I eddied this post because at first I just had a AirVPN log file. You can see this as a attachment down the page.
  14. You might be aware of the popular project, DWS. https://github.com/Nummer/Destroy-Windows-10-Spying/releases I came across some port forwarding issues on my host machine and could not figure out why my ports were not forwarding, however, I did suspect DWS had something to do with it. https://github.com/Nummer/Destroy-Windows-10-Spying/blob/80d236b8524ac3d3292c3a77f0fe5f24e8e253db/DWS/MainWindow.xaml.cs#L335 This will mess up your port forwarding on your VPN client. The fix is to either reset your firewall rules or just disable Windows Firewall or just don't run DWS at all. Conclusion DWS conflicts with AirVPN. I hope this helps anyone!
  15. will using DNScrypt limit what information my ISP sees about what i do online? will it stop my ISP from being able to see what websites i connect to? is there a reason to use airVPNs DNS? will using DNScrypt with airVPN compromise my connection in any way? will airVPN ever offer an encrypted DNS, is that something you guys are thinking about and how hard would it be for you to implement? sorry if these questions are dumb, i'm pretty new to this stuff ^-^'! i love airVPN by the way, and i really love your eddie client on linux!
  16. Hello! I ordered a gift voucher, received payment confirmation, but cannot find the actual gift voucher. I have the invoice. I did post a support ticket, but as this voucher will be an actual gift, the problem is quite urgent! So I am hoping that maybe someone from the community might guide me towards the right direction. Thank you! And I apologize for being impatient.
  17. Hi, Totally new to doing VPN over TOR. I'm just seeing what its like to set up. I'm using an iMac 27" macOS 10.13.3 & Eddie 2.12.4. I have Tor Browser installed and running fine, its connected to TOR. I followed the instructions on this page: https://airvpn.org/tor/ - In Preferences for Eddie Proxy/Tor>Type>Tor I clicked the test and Eddie indicates there is connectivity to Tor. Am I actually running the VPN through TOR as it is? See images. The Test indicates there is connectivity. But how do I know the VPN traffic is running through TOR? ipleak.net doesn't indicate any tor exit node. Any help or suggestion will be appreciated. Cheers.
  18. Hello, i used airvpn before the move to a new house. In this time i got with my old isp the full speed most of the time . But now with a much better connection and a different isp ( 400 cable ). I get only 1-3 MB/s max on every server i tested . And i purchased AirVPN for a year i think. This is just bad. I download most of the time over JDownloader 2 with a premium account.Windows 10 ProLAN connection 1GBUsally 35+ MB/s without Air VPNSSL port wont helpI try every suggestion. Please help me with my slow speeds.
  19. So i downloaded the config files from AirVPN, set it to Linux, tried both UDP and TCP, in the network connection i did import saved VPN configuration and i save that. Then i try to connect to it and nothing. "connection failed because VPN connection timed out" I tried this both in sys-net, AppVM, and in proxyVM based on fedora-23. not sure what i'm doing wrong?
  20. I have been using airvpn for over a year, infact i have two more years paid up till i have to renew. Since getting airvpn i have not had any trouble with copyright notices until today. I have airvpn set to network lock so nothing works unless its running. I got a notice for a tv show being downloaded with my correct ip! airvpn was running with network lock, all websites show the vpn address as mine. nothing is leaking out that i know of so, how is this possible??? Furthermore, how can i make sure it never happens again?
  21. Hello, So I installed AirVpn on my Mac in order to torrent and keep my ratios in tact while I am living at my College Campus. However after installing eddie and connecting, i realized the connection is less than 100kbit/s and wavering to zero every second! However, speed test on AirVPN shows a solid connection: Down: 11.096 Mbit/s Out, 16.619 Mbit/s In (149%), 20MB - Up: 25.655 Mbit/s Out, 23.472 Mbit/s In (91%), 20MB - Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2017 20:35:34 GMT - Buffers: 20MB/20MB - Laps: 3, Time: 64.50 secs Here are the results on my side (very slow, entirely unable to function) I've correctly forwarded the ports, as well as connected to SSL:443 protocol without further success. I'm really not sure what to do, as I'm a completely new to this.
  22. Okay, so basically, I want to host a server for a game, but the game requires port 53640 to be open. I tried to do this, however, it is tooken by another user. On another forum, Somebody said to leave the remote port blank and just fill in the local port. Will this open the port for me or not?
  23. So i've used AirVPN for about a week and the speeds have been really bad, i originally have a 100/100 connection but when connected to any server low or high load i get terrible speeds like 300kb or less. I've set my buffer size to 256 and 512 and both do pretty much nothing. Not trying to shit on air but imo that isn't acceptable speeds at all. I am currently using a netgear r7000 router (I am not very network knowing so try and explain it in the easiest way possible) thanks.
  24. I am new and not sure how to use this. I have paid for the service and have an account set up already. I am trying to set up the open vpn gui but whenever I click the generate button it only opens a notepad document and that is all. Is this correct? What am I supposed to do with this? Any help would be nice, thanks. -Dave
  25. I use whoer to check if my ip is hidden and it says that the server i am connected to (Alhena) is infected with a s_gozi i am worried that my infor is being logged or omething kinda new to vpns and it also says that the ip address is blacklisted
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