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  1. Very strange... I changed everything back, as you instructed, to gather the support file. But it now works??
  2. It's in a loop of trying to connect... . 2021.10.07 11:17:11 - Flushing DNS I 2021.10.07 11:17:11 - Checking route IPv4 I 2021.10.07 11:17:11 - Checking route IPv6 . 2021.10.07 11:17:33 - Fetch url error:Timeout was reached . 2021.10.07 11:17:33 - Checking route (2° try) . 2021.10.07 11:17:55 - Fetch url error:Timeout was reached . 2021.10.07 11:17:55 - Checking route (3° try) . 2021.10.07 11:18:19 - Fetch url error:Timeout was reached E 2021.10.07 11:18:19 - Checking route IPv6 failed. . 2021.10.07 11:18:19 - OpenVPN > Initialization Sequence Completed ! 2021.10.07 11:18:19 - Disconnecting Any suggestions on where to start looking? Edit: First I tried to change the "Interface used for connection" from "automatic" to my "internet" interface (I have another interface to connect to my NAS). But that didn't help. Next I tried to change "Internet protocol used for connection" from "IPv4, IPv6" to "IPv4 only". Also that didn't help. Finally I tried to change "Layer IPv6" from "Inside tunnel if supported, otherwise blocked" to "Blocked". And then it does work! So something seems wrong with the IPv6 tunnel. Where to start looking to actually solve this? My router config? edit2: Although the VPN can now connect using IPv4 only, my browsers still can't surf the web somehow... I can however, for example, ping www.google.com..?? edit3: After a reboot, also my browsers start working again...
  3. Same question here! Also, remaining days on an already existing subscription don't go lost I suppose? And happy Halloween!!
  4. It already is... but still not working... Just noticed that Limetorrent / ETTV torrents are no longer working either...
  5. Is there a way to switch to DHT / PEX and still have working RARBG torrent downloads using AirVPN? Or any other way around without giving up going through my VPN?
  6. Hi all, Since a couple weeks that RARBG tracks are no longer working for me: Is anyone else having the same issues? If I disable the VPN and network lock that they start working again... I'm using Musicda and Chara as AirVPN servers. Thanks!
  7. I'm seeing the exact same problem since about a week... Is anyone else having this issue as well? I've tried with 2 Dutch server and a random Roemenian server. If someone is not having this issue, can you please say which server you're using? Thanks!
  8. Seems like I was able to fix it... I've disabled Eddie and network lock @ boot, then I discovered that I didn't even have working network at all. Next I've let the Windows troubleshooter trying to fix it and it found that DHCP was disabled. After enabling that, everything started to work again... Then after looking a bit further I remembered that I had some special network config for this VM using the VMware "Virtual Network Editor", which I didn't setup yet on the new desktop... So... User-error.... unrelated to Eddie
  9. Hi, I'm migrating my VMs to a new desktop. After copying the VM to the new desktop, VMware Workstation asked if I copied or moved the VM. I choose "copied". I suppose that it then perhaps re-creates the Network Interface with a new MAC address? Anyway, I had Eddie starting at boot with a Network Lock on this VM, but it now fails to connect with the below error: I tried uninstalling / reinstalling Eddie, but it seems to keep it's config (and keeps on failing with the Bootstrap error). fyi: This is on Windows 10. Any suggestions on how to properly solve this? Thanks!
  10. nice, been waiting for this one
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