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    Old Fella reacted to Mad_Max in Using AirVPN with qBittorrent   ...
    You can add one more option to make sure that qBittoorent always uses AirVpn no matter what. 
    Go to Tools --> Options --> Advanced --> Network interface (Requires Restart)... change this to your vpn interface, in my case i use a cable and its "Ethernet 2"
    One more thing, in Eddie, make sure u have Network lock always on.
    you can test if your torrent client is leaking information from ipleak.net they have a torrent file that can test ur client.
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    Old Fella reacted to Staff in Five simultaneous connections per account   ...

    We're glad to inform you that, from now on, every account can establish up to five simultaneous connections to AirVPN servers. As usual, no restrictions will be applied on IP addresses.

    No price increase has been planned for this new feature.

    We're confident that allowing 5 connections per account at the very same price will meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

    Kind regards & datalove
    AirVPN Staff
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    Old Fella reacted to Staff in PureVPN logging   ...
    we don't monitor and/or inspect (with or without logging) the traffic of any OpenVPN client. The information that you report shows that PureVPN did.
    If you can't afford to trust our words please apply partition of trust. The fact that we don't block OpenVPN connections over Tor node or any socks or http proxy should say something about our honesty.
    Furthermore, the fact the you don't have any official statement after seven years of AirVPN activity and hundreds of thousands rotating customers about any compromised customers identity (and you have such information about HideMyAss, PureVPN and other services) should be also taken into serious consideration.
    Kind regards
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    Old Fella reacted to bayoumedic in PureVPN logging   ...
    'sounds good to me
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    Old Fella reacted to OpenSourcerer in BBC iPlayer knows my location despite VPN   ...
    A poor word, to be honest. It's a feature designed to be able to view geo-restricted content without switching servers.
    Say, you want to view BBC iPlayer and you are connected to Kitalpha in Switzerland. Now, viewing BBC would suggest you are viewing this site from Switzerland, but only UK residents are allowed to view it (geo-restricted to UK). To not make you reconnect to a UK server, your request will be rerouted through GB2, a rerouting server of AirVPN used only for this purpose.
    You <---> Kitalpha, CH <---> GB2 <---> BBC
    In the end, the request appears to have come from a UK IP, even if you connect to Mesarthim in Germany the next time, and Phoenicis in Romania the next day.
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    Old Fella got a reaction from BullockBob in BBC iPlayer knows my location despite VPN   ...
    wow, thats what i call a detailed answer. About as useful as a choccy fire grate unless you are as clever as the respondent thinks he is or then you have to go find out what micro routing is and die of boredom.
    So the answer is you have no concern.
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    Old Fella reacted to Staff in Likes and dislikes (IPv6)   ...
    the correct option is "-netlock" as clearly specified in the instructions.
    Also type "airvpn -cli -help" or "man airvpn" to print the manual.
    It is clearly specified in the guides, in the welcome e-mail that's sent when you subscribe to the service, in the dedicated forum and in the instructions for various Operating Systems.
    There is no security breach.
    We're glad too even if we are somehow puzzled to read your initial concerns. Perhaps they were just caused by a lack of information. You MUST read our instructions and you will be just fine.
    Kind regards
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    Old Fella reacted to B3nB3n in China — May to July 2017   ...
    Short experience report: VPN works with the given help perfectly. Thank you very much!
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    Old Fella reacted to zhang888 in Does AirVPN support compression?   ...
    Compression is supported, but not recommended for all devices.
    Note that most data that passes inside the tunnel is not compressible in any case, so the theoretical
    gain you can benefit from using compression is very limited by what you are going to test.
    Unless you are doing iperf tests with compressible data, such as /dev/zero, this is not going to benefit
    you much, as most of the real-life traffic is not compressible from the beginning, such as encrypted
    underlying protocols (when you use HTTPS websites) and so on.
    This is based on the axiom that encrypted data is random. And random data can't be compressed.
    A safer default would be turning it off, or at the best as 'adaptive'.
    From the OpenVPN wiki:
    With adaptive compression, OpenVPN will periodically sample the compression process to measure its efficiency. If the data being sent over the tunnel is
    already compressed, the compression efficiency will be very low, triggering openvpn to disable compression for a period of time until the next re-sample test.
    This was a more practical feature in the earlier days of the internet, when most traffic was counted and billed and data was mostly plain-text.
    More about it here:
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