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    Install OpenVPN for Android.Hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/schwabe/ics-openvpn Note: if you don't have access to Google Play Store, you can download "OpenVPN for Android" apk here: https://airvpn.org/repository/ics-openvpn-latest-stable.apk Launch your internet browser.NOTE: don't use the default Android browser because it has an unresolved bug.
    Chrome and Opera have been tested by us and work.
    Connect to AirVPN website, login and create the configuration files from our Config Generator.Choose Linux as platform (only direct TCP and UDP connections are supported) and finally click the "Generate" button to download it.
    Downloaded .ovpn files may be imported directly into the application but the behavior depends on many factors (employed browser, files manager, Android version, etc).For simplicity's sake, we assume in this guide that you saved .ovpn generated files under the Download directory in the Android filesystem.
    Open OpenVPN for Android and tap the top right "Import" button:
    Click on the import button of the prompt dialog:
    Browse to *.ovpn files:
    Select your configuration of choice:
    Confim the import with the top right button:
    Click on the imported profile to connect:
    Confirm the Android's security prompt dialog:
    Wait for the bootstrap sequence:
    The VPN tunnel is now established:
    When you need to disconnect from the VPN click on the "Disconnect" button from the app's notification:
    Confirm the prompt dialog:
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