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  1. I really, i mean big boys recommended use seedbox, u save power bill because u dont need keep your pc up and running year and year all the way. Yes, and of course lightning could strike and all is down then. i mea.. i mean big boys recommended use first cheap seedbox firstly and get use to it and use AirVPN all the other stuff, even thou u have good connection speed. I hope you undestand my hillbilly english.

  2. Yes it has been some time like that i notice that as well. Also like always even thou i change my real location closer Uppsala, Stockholm servers are still faster. I use tier 4 servers, dunno is that something todo for that. Also my english is so bad and maybe i understand your message totally wrong .


    But yes, Uppsala server do have much less users. And also when users auto connect, servers are pretty much same always.

  3. 6 Problems (Nash & multible wweden and Norway servers)

    Category Host Result

    mx imdb.com No DMARC Record found More Info

    dmarc imdb.com DNS Record not found More Info

    dns imdb.com Primary Name Server Not Listed At Parent



    Well, i think staff take this issue care of like they said !

  4. You do know that TOR is NOT for seeding purposes, just stay in VPN. About hacked and agency, i do not know. Maybe you have already contacted staff?

  5. My list is huge i do not even remember when in decades ago started testing different VPN´s.


    I remember that my list after testings is






    and 2 what i use sometimes,are

    VPN.AC and Windscripe.


    Those are the best for me. Of course Air is the number 1

  6. Everything smooth here latest beta version and Debian. There where in terminal unseen message like this

    "Collect information about AirVPN completed"...


    and this i have been stable to beta always =>

    "(eddie-tray:31260): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: /build/glib2.0-B1uXKV/glib2.0-2.50.3/./gobject/gsignal.c:2523: signal 'child-added' is invalid for instance '0x2153750' of type 'GtkMenu'"...


    But all works well, OS DE is Cinnamon.

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