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I used to run a non-exit Tor relay when I used Riseup VPN and had no problems. However, with AirVPN I get the error message:


[Mon 9. Sep 13:53:18 2013] Server Port Reachability Test Failed - Your relay's server port is not reachable by other Tor clients. This can happen if you are behind a router or firewall that requires you to set up port forwarding. If <Air IP>:443 is not your correct IP address and server port, please check your relay's configuration.


Can I use the port forwarding feature on this website to solve this problem? I'd like to support the Tor network.


Can I use that same port to speed up my torrenting? Do I do that by entering the number of the port into uTorrent's settings?

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Yes: you need to remotely forward a port for your account (menu "Client Area"->"Forwarded Ports"). You can't forward ports lower than 2049. You can't have two different processes (running at the same time) listen to the same port (it would be a process end-point fatal ambiguity on the system). Please consult the relevant FAQs on ports and p2p for additional information.


Kind regards

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Hi, so I think it's sorted. I've forwarded 2 ports and assigned one to a Tor relay and another to uTorrent. The relay is working now and I maxed out my connection whilst torrenting. Thanks for the help!

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I can't get forwarding to work for the purposes of running a non-exit relay, no matter what. I have two ports setup for both UDP and TCP forwarding that are above 10000. The ports match the corresponding relay and directory ports in Vidalia. I haven't touched my router's settings but can verify that nothing is in there to interfere with this configuration. There aren't any port conflicts either. The "Mirror the relay directory" and "Attempt to automatically configure port forwarding" options are both checked. I tried unchecking the latter but that didn't help. As soon as I shutdown the VPN I can run a relay no problem.


I don't know what else to do at this point and have pretty much given up. If anyone can figure out what's wrong that would be great. Otherwise it doesn't matter. Someone else will pickup the slack.

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