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This isn't fully an AirVPN problem, but since I installed a patch fixing a DNS leak, it's been a nuisance.


You can find the fix here: https://www.dnsleaktest.com/how-to-fix-a-dns-leak.php


Basically, I was on Riseup VPN at the time. I took a DNS leak test at dns-oarc.net and it gave results for both Riseup's VPN and an IP belonging to my ISP near where I live. Apparently DNS leaks are a common problem for users of OpenVPN on Windows. I'm on Windows Vista.


I installed a fix, and it worked. However, since then I've had to manually reset my IPv4 and DNS settings to "obtain automatically" in the Network and Sharing Centre in Control Panel every time I switch on my computer. Otherwise, it doesn't connect to the internet, only "local only".


So I got AirVPN today and the problem is persisting. Not only that, but every time I want to switch server I need to reset the IPv4 and DNS settings again. I also had to re-run the DNS leak fix because it was leaking with AirVPN as well. It leaked in both OpenVPN and the AirVPN client. I've chosen to use OpenVPN because it allows me to use the fix, which has worked apart from the frustrating problem described here.


Anyone know how to fix this?

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Please see here (assuming that you run the Windows firewall):



That will prevent any leak (i.e. not only DNS leaks) and Omniferum also provided a "quick switch".


If you use the Comodo Firewall, please see here:



You can have "quick switches" with the Comodo firewall as well (just save different configurations, and switch to the one you wish).


Kind regards

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Hi, thanks for the response!


I'm finding all this quite difficult. I used AVG firewall up to now, but have changed to Comodo after reading this. I have disabled AVG's firewall.


When I first installed Comodo I got endless alerts about everything, especially when connecting to AirVPN. I found gaming mode stopped that from happening. Not sure if that's advisable?


After starting up, I found my computer doesn't connect to the internet unless I enable gaming mode. It seems like the best choice at the moment, but I still can't switch servers.


I will try the Windows firewall method, though it is only recommended for Windows 7 and 8 and I am on Vista. I'm not sure how good Vista's firewall is.

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Just wanted to drop in to say that I think everything is going smoothly now. I used http://www.opennicproject.org/ to set up my DNS settings. If anyone has a similar problem to mine, I recommend this as they offer lots of free non-logging DNS servers.


I uninstalled Comodo because it seemed intrusive and irritating in comparison to AVG's firewall. I can now switch between Air's servers without having to reenter IP or DNS settings. I simply have to disconnect and then reconnect at whichever one I want.


When I run DNS leak tests, I often get several IPs in the list, but none of them are affiliated with my ISP or the OpenNIC servers as far as I can tell. I think they are all from Air, judging by this post which I found by googling one of the IPs:




I do however need to re-enter details (default gateway and DNS servers) just after switching on my computer, which is mildly irritating but only takes a minute. Since I have the details saved in a .txt file now it's easy and quick. If anyone knows a permanent fix for this though, please let me know.


Thanks for the help and technical support!

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