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Which VPN is best to connect to ?

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Hi I was wondering what is the best VPN to go about connecting to and is there any reason why to connect to a particular one?


For example,  looking at my air client I can see the most popular VPN servers are usually ones in Europe, Amsterdam, and also Singapore Servers.


I usually am connected to a server closest to me in the same Country and lowest number of connections,   but obviously there is some other reasons why Amsterdam and Singapore are more popular !


Any Suggestions are welcome,  thanks.


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It doesn't really matter unless you use services that are unique for each location(like youtube). Airvpn's dns servers let you use popular US sites like netflix, hulu from any server that doesn't have to be physically located in the US. For other sites, you can use one of the vpn servers from the same country as the website. Some sites may block particular servers, you can search the forums for them. In this case, you might want to try a different server that isnt blocked.

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under a pure performance point of view, our DNS records are updated in almost-real-time to reflect the best server for each area. The best server is determined according to a formula which keeps into considerations the following parameters: latency from nodes in the same region, available bandwidth, status parameters (such as packet loss). Once the system has performed measurements and calculations, it determines the best server and updates DNS accordingy. For example, america.vpn.airdns.org will resolve to the IP address of the best server in America continent.


You can see the best server and many more information (useful also in case you wish to perform a manual pick) in our servers monitor:




where latency is calculated directly from your computer, bandwidth and stats are updated every 60 seconds.


Additionally, have a look at the Ping Matrix (updated every 300 seconds):




Kind regards

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I have heard of cases from other VPN providers they sometimes give up the customers IP and Details to the authorities when they are connected to a data center in the US,  is it therefore better to connect to a country where the laws are better like Europe servers like Netherlands ?

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