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Unable to install TAP adapter (Vista)

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I had AirVPN client working, then one restart of PC later (possibly the first restart after installing OpenVPN through the AirVPN client).


AitVPN client wasn't connecting, so I tried uninstalling OpenVPN and starting again.


On the attempted re-install, each time I tried (going through a variety of online suggestions) the attempted install of the TAP adapter produced an error, and once OpenVPN install had finished, any attempted VPN connection through the AirVPN client failted.




Perhaps more bizarrely, on attempting to seach this forum using 'TAP', I am told this forum doesn't allow that search term. It makes me wonder if that is because it is a common issue, or an oversight. Odd though considering it is a vital word for this system.


Google search suggest issues with the TAP driver on Windows are not rare, so perhaps you should be allowing this search word, if blocking it wasn't intential.




Not sure what to do at this stage. I've paid for a month, had a couple of days use, spent the last 4 days trying to solve this issue, It is not a great amount of money, but I'd rather not throw it away.



I appreciate there could be numerous Windows factors here, but I've tried eveything I can think of (disabling / uninstalling antivirus, clean uninstall and reboot).




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the search function of the forum does not allow searches for 3 chars words. Have you already tried to install OpenVPN 2.3.2 with disabled UAC?


Kind regards

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