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ANSWERED Both VPN (Public) IP and "real" IP visible.

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Win 11 x64 Pro 23H2 22631.3810

Switched from PIA to Air just a few days ago.  As always, I expect a few growing pains, and her is my first:

I uninstalled PIA, reset my network by flushing DNS and resetting winsock, and restarting.  I then installed AirVPN.

I noticed this because I appear to be seeding from two IP addresses on some torrent trackers.  One such tracker shows the IP(s) I'm seeding from, and it's both my "public" IP from the VPN and my actual IP from my ISP.  I am using the Eddie client.  Other than choosing a port, and choosing a server, I did not change any settings upon install. 

What am I missing that is causing me to seemingly be connecting twice, once within, and once without the VPN?

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A likely explanation is that the torrent software binds to all interfaces AND Network Lock (a feature available in all AirVPN software which prevents any traffic leak outside the VPN tunnel) is disabled. By enabling Network Lock the problem must be resolved. By binding the torrent software (if a bind option is available) to the VPN interface you add another layer of security which may come useful if you don't run AirVPN software.

Kind regards

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This is what I was missing, thanks!  It had been so long since I set up the prior vpn, I was certain to have missed SOMETHING!

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