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Need tracker for Torrent Leak detection

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How does torrent detection work?

To detect data from your torrent client we provide a magnet link to a fake file. The magnet contains an http url of a controlled by us tracker which archives the information coming from the torrent client.

I saw the Torrent Leak detection option and downloaded the magnet link to enable that function. But my torrent client is configured to add known working trackers and remove many others that are dead, not working.

As there were no results being shown for my client, I assume that the ipleak default tracker that is configured in this magnet link was deleted.

What is the url for the tracker controlled by you so that I can edit the magnet link entry and put it back?

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Please click Activate and then "mouse over" the link to see the whole URI scheme including the URN, or right-click (with most browsers) the magnet link and select "Copy link" to store it in your system's clipboard and process it comfortably.

Kind regards

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I am not sure what to "process"

I am seeing this within the magnet link:

... &tr=https://ipleak.net/announce.php%3Fh%3D5be02adaade2e0f85c2fc032f04e0610ae09a495 ...
I tried adding "https://ipleak.net/announce" as the tracker, which I can see is a very common syntax for other normal trackers,  but that did not seem to work. My torrent client report "Invalid reply" and the magnet link never resolves into a torrent.

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I am testing more. I changed my client settings so it did not alter the trackers on any new torrent.
I downloaded the magnet link again and it was set to my torrent client. The tracker field is empty.
on IPleak.net, it reports nothing:

Torrent Address detection
Add this Magnet Link to your torrent client and wait for the results below.
No data just now from the above magnet url.
Updated every 10 seconds. Last update: Thu, 02 Nov 2023 21:14:41 +0000.
View/Hide request dump

Also, clicking on the "View/Hide request dump" button does nothing I can see, Firefox browser here.

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21 hours ago, $|$C0 said:

remove many others that are dead, not working

This is probably the problem. The magnet link does not point to valid (torrent) files, so errors are reported, causing the tracker to be removed.
14 hours ago, $|$C0 said:

I tried adding "https://ipleak.net/announce" as the tracker, which I can see is a very common syntax for other normal trackers

It's common for open trackers where no ID is needed, but you need an ID hash for the website to be able to show you your particular request dumps. The reply will logically be invalid.


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