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BitTorrent unknown secondary IP address

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I'm experimenting with sending big (encrypted) files over through BitTorrent. Initial seeder is behind AirVPN and has a forwarded port. The other client ("downloader") is connecting through clearnet. When they start talking to each other IPs and ports match. Transfer happens, however not at full speed. Anyways, from time to time another peer appears on the downloader side: 85.17.x.x. It doesn't match the AV exit server IP or clearnet IP of the downloader. This IP address seems to belong to AirVPN. I can telnet from the downloader to the seeder through the exit IP, but I can't do the same through that 85.17.x.x IP. Is it some kind of a georouting double hop issue or something else entrierly? How can I make sure that the seeder is only visible under the AV exit IP?

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Yes, it's a geo-routing related issue. Probably you rely on some tracker which is caught in geo-routing because it's inside some CDN range, or for some error. Assuming that this assumption is correct, you can disable the geo-routing system in the settings on your AirVPN account. Go to "Client Area" and open the "DNS" panel. Locate combo box "AirVPN anti-geolocation system" and set it "Not active (neutral)".

If you can provide us (here or in private) with the tracker URL we may also check and fix the error, if any.

Kind regards

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