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ANSWERED SOLVED --Linux kernel 6.1 and 6.2 with Eddie ---- SOLVED

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Just stopping by to find out if many/any here are running Eddie using either Bookworm (with 6.1 kernel) or Ubuntu 23.04 (6.2 kernel)?

I am getting ready to update some family computers and I am trying to avoid hassles with Eddie since the users are quite novice.  Bullseye has been flawless but Bookworm stable is coming out June 10.

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Well I got my answer.

Debian 12 Bookworm goes to full stable in six days.  I updated to Debian Bookworm running the 6.1.0-9-amd kernel and the Eddie client doesn't connect.  Debian Bookworm repo's are up and running so this was an upgrade from Bullseye, easy stuff.

The OS itself is quick and smooth and if I use it on my raw ISP fiber its blazing on wifi.  Eddie stable just shows a "cycle" of restarting every few seconds.  Next, I edited the sources list and changed to Eddie "testing", which loaded quickly and easily.  Same result:  restart cycle indefinitely.

Thought I would post this so Debian 12 users, which will start in aggregate this weekend, don't get left hanging!

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Got it!

I deleted the profile (.config/eddie/default.profile) and Eddie fired right up!  It only took a few minutes to reconfigure the client.  This has never happened to me so either its a freak thing, or upgrading to Bookworm hosed my Eddie profile somehow.  I am posting this here just in case someone else has this happen during their upgrade.  Things that make your go Hmmmmmm!

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