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FYI: OVPN apparently acquired by Aura (Pango: Comparitech, VPN 360, Betternet and others)

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The market is consolidating further, and one more light in the sky is absorbed by another.
Just so happens that this other is an American company known for VPN services Betternet, VPN 360 and Ultra VPN, so all users' data are put into jeopardy.
They're also owners of Comparitech.


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Gross. Selling out to an American company is a quick way to throw away your entire reputation. I considered subscribing with them at one point, glad I didn't. Clearly David Wibergh is willing to put money before the privacy and security of his users.
Aura owns Hotspot Shield too. I've never heard of VPN360 or UltraVPN. Apparently Hotspot Shield has servers in Russia and China? What???
Thanks for the heads up.

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I think it's amazing every time I see a VPN advert, I smile! Thinking to myself, I'm good! I have AirVPN!
However, I do worry sometimes that I'm going about my day only to come across something that is mentioning that Air was compromised or Purchased and now is a subsidiary of AWS…. 
having used Air for a couple years now, knowing what I know about AirVPN. I’m not worried! 
when I travel to America “land of corporate consolidation, Home of the illusion of privacy“ it amazes me how much information Americans willingly give up! Don't even get me started on attempting to date in the country… other than the fact it's a joke & nobody ever looks like their picture.. Do you’re likely to be fooled by finding out sometime during the date or immediately following “which is Traumatically Worse” you find out one of two things the first, their plumbing is identical to yours! But if they seem normal can you two hit it off.. Only to find out…..  They have an only fans account! Lol

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The list of "alleged independents" I have is:

airvpn (of course)

But there may be errors in this list, and I certainly do not appreciate most of them.


A moat does not protect against pigeons!

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Thank you for this information. Their cash payment option means nothing, then. Another betrayal.

Does anyone know how many else are left that accept cash?

Of the list shared above, these do:

Ironically, windscribe blacklists my VPN IP so I can't check that one. A VPN blacklisting VPNs has got to be a joke.

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