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GeForce Overlay causing Eddie GUI problems

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Just wanted to post this in case anyone else ends up facing this issue and goes looking for help in the forums like I did.

For awhile I was having the problem where if I was connected for a longer session (about 15 - 24 hours), after disconnecting the Eddie GUI would "freeze". The buttons would become unresponsive, and I couldn't click to deactivate the Network Lock or click on Connect. My only option was to use task manager to kill it, but then it wouldn't re-launch properly, and I still couldn't deactivate the Network Lock. So I was forced to shut down my computer to restore my network, and then Eddie would launch normally again.

I took a screenshot to send to the support team about this, and I noticed the automatic generated filename included "GeForce Overlay", even though I had never seen an alert that the overlay was active on Eddie. So I uninstalled it and tested again, and now the issue seems to be resolved.

Hopefully this helps somebody out! Cheers.

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