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How to connect AirVPN on Raspberry PI

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Hi. I would like to connect VPN on Raspberry PI. I tryied it with OpenVPN, but it says "connection lost" and don't let me to make connection on none servers. How can I fix it? In advance, thanks you for your help, AirVPN is the best!

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You have many options since we support Raspberry Pi machines thoroughly.

You can rely on the AirVPN Suite, which is available for 32 and 64 bit ARM processors. A legacy version is available as well:

Pick a version according to the system you're running (32 or 64 bit OS) and if in doubt do not hesitate to specify your exact system and contact us. Examples: if you have the new Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit, download the 64 bit version. If you run some Raspbian 32 bit OS (deprecated) pick the 32 bit legacy version. The AirVPN Suite provides you with a stand alone binary, or a daemon and a client: just pick the solution that you like most as all the components are lightweight. User manual available here: https://airvpn.org/suite/readme/

If you have the option to install Mono package and you can afford some bigger RAM footprint, you can consider Eddie ARM edition, which offers a fully featured GUI that the Suite does not provide for:
Also consider that Eddie integrates WireGuard, while the Suite currently doesn't (a new version supporting WireGuard is imminent, stay tuned).

Last alternative option is simply running a native WireGuard or OpenVPN client. In such cases, just follow the instructions for Linux related to the "native" clients. Our Configuration Generator will generate all the files those clients need, according to your preferences.

Kind regards

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