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Difference between openvpn and wireguard

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Dear forum,

when i install the openvpn app and connect with a server in my country, i get, wireless, about 100Mbit/s up and down, while i have a 200Mbit/s fiberspeed connection.
Browsing  to some lan devices, like my NAS is no problem.

However, when i install wireguard and connect with a server in my country, i get, wireless, nearly 180Mbit/s up und down, but i can not browse to my NAS...??????

What is the difference between openvpn and wireguard in this case?


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OpenVPN sets an explicit route to the local network via the physical NIC while Wireguard only allows the default gateway via this NIC (needed, of course, for the connection to actually work). The solution would be to change the Wireguard config to allow the local network. I believe it was the AllowedIPs directive; unsure, please look it up in a manpage.


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Also re preserving local LAN access in wireguard, see
Finally, you might search online a bit for the difference between "" and the CIDR equivalent "," when used (no quotes) as the AllowedIPs field in a wireguard config.  It seems to be a wireguard convention to have the software interpret these logically equivalent specifications differently.  IIRC, the simpler version routes all IPs (except the server IP) through the tunnel, but the longer version omits the standard IPs associated with local LANs.  YMMV!  I MAY BE CLUELESS ON THIS ONE.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  And if you try the long version, be sure to test DNS and make sure it's still through the tunnel (assuming that's what you are after).

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