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FAIR.org blocked again -canadian & netherlands servers.

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Not true. I connected to several of those servers and it won't connect - even though the connection says working on that page. Fair.org is down on almost all airvpn servers --- unless the backbone is blocking individual connections.

I just verified that.

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FAIR.ORG IS BLOCKED ON ALMOST ALL American and Canadian servers. Currently testing on Sabik.
This is fishy,.

A year later still not fixed. 

One more fact - when changing countries... the site worked for a week and then it was blocked on almost all the servers in that country.

Is airvpn political ? Do they have hidden far-right sponsors ? Are they faking their activism ? These are important questions --- or is someone trying to attack airvpn by following it's users. Which is it? 

FAIR.org is a VERY important political site. One of the most important of the time.

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misspeelledddd words

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We do not block any web site. It's fair.org the one that blocks some of our servers, but not all of them. You can have a view of which servers they block here:

In this moment, they block 39 AirVPN servers. All the other ones are not yet blocked.

Please contact fair.org for the issue and send them your complaints. In the meantime you can connect to the servers which are not blocked to access fair.org.

Our mission is publicly available here https://airvpn.org/mission


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