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Problems after upgrading to latest stable Eddie

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Long time Linux user here.

Now, since I started using AirVPN's services (about 2015), I configured Eddie to run at startup in cli-mode and, taking advantage of both up.sh and down.sh scripts, called as OpenVPN custom directives, and other custom udevd scripts, I made my 24/7 server to always use common eth0 connection (the non-VPN one, to make it simple) except for some specific daemons running on the machine (daemons which, instead, run on tun0 interface and therefore on VPN).

Today, I had the very bad idea to upgrade Eddie (I was still using good ole 2.16.3) and to renew the certificate for my device (I had the warning in my AirVPN control panel that it was very outdated).

Consequence is that I cannot use anymore my infrastructure as I could before upgrading, because:
1) latest Eddie uses an encrypted file called "default.profile", instead of traditional plain default.xml;
2) as far as I could understand (alas, after upgrading), Eddie does not anymore support up.sh and down.sh scripts, so my custom directives doing all the routing job are going to heaven.

Long story short, I can connect to VPN, but it does not work as I structured it to work before upgrading and the way it is now, without any splitting, is absolutely useless to me.

I tried downgrading Eddie to good ole 2.16.3, but it doesn't work anymore.

Any idea, please?

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Thank you, you're really a long time customer!
  1. You can have default.profile not encrypted at all as it was with old Eddie versions. Check the options in "Preferences" windows.
  2. Scripts related to events are available, and they are not launched anymore with root privileges. If you need to perform root operations with the scripts launched by Eddie events, you must gain root privileges first. This is an important security feature which is inalienable as the old method was too dangerous and exposed an attack surface vulnerable to privilege escalation from normal user to superuser. In this way such exploit is no more possible.
  3. Downgrading to Eddie 2.16.3 is always possible, but the operation is not as swift and automatic as an upgrade. Remember to delete all previous configuration files generated by newer versions first, because upward compatibility is not guaranteed in software. Then uninstall the new version and finally install the older version.

Kind regards

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