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Is it possible to generate a new API key with an API call?  The reason is that I'd like to randomize my IP using WireGuard, but the only way to do that is to generate a new key (not currently possible via API?), and then generate a new config (definitely possible via API).

Is this possible?

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A key management API was requested in the past, though I think without answers from the devs yet.


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It's a shame - I've asked for additional API features in the past similar to this with no reply. I understand it's probably not a priority but further API endpoints would be really beneficial for the use cases you mention (such as a "key management" API). You can tell it's not so important as Staff made a forum for "DNS blocklists" but not one for API feature requests/bug reports etc.

I really dislike having to login to my account to manage keys, ports etc. Everything should be callable via the API such that "airvpn.org" is largely redundant as an interface (since you're only POSTing data anyhow...). Personally, lack of programmable access is my number 1 consideration for deciding when my account expires whether to renew.

I mean, you *could* in theory make a hacky API that logs into the forum, gets the right token and submits the request for you (storing any cookies the site sets in a "cookie-jar"...)...But that's too much work (remember if you can do it via a 'web browser' it can be programmed against, but this site uses funky JS tricks to keep 'bots' and other threat actors out, so you'd need to deal with various edge cases if the server doesn't like you).

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