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Warning points?

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I noticed under my profile there is box on the left that says.....

warning points
No restrictions being applied

what are warning points? for doing what? 

if we arent monitored then how can we be given warning points?

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The forum for the community is moderated and moderators can warn an account with points for posts infringing community forum policy.

Kind regards

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I've searched for the community forum policy and couldn't find it. can you show me where it is?

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18 hours ago, Zebby said:

I've searched for the community forum policy and couldn't find it. can you show me where it is?

Usually, it boils down to Wheaton's Law. The vast majority of people here simply want to use the VPN and need a bit of help recovering from an issue.
Grey area would be if someone gets so frustrated with that issue he/she gets personal.
Talking about other providers outside the Other VPN competitors forum is also difficult. I've got a third eye on these posts and how they continue.
Much darker would be obvious trolling or posts that certify that the poster doesn't know what he/she's talking about but is too stubborn to change the presented view despite presented evidence (the Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt corner). This is a candidate for warning points.
Unacceptable would be obvious bot spam. You know, it's these "100% safe, prescription-free viagra" and "is there moderator? it is 'important' " kind of posts.

No need to worry, I think it's very unlikely you will ever find yourself lower than the "frustration level". And then you'd still need to get personal :)

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» These are the community forums, not the support portal. You're writing with other users here.

» New here? LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN. Use the search function, Luke!

» Tor exits behind a VPN connection are discouraged. Using Tor on the other hand is not.


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» I cannot give you the solution to all your issues. But I can guide you to it. The rest is up to you.

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