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More 'active sessions' than actual connections, they won't go away (once it reaches 5, I can't connect)

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I don't know how much of this is expected behaviour, but it's definitely never caused problems before if it is.

Whenever I connect the vpn, 2 new active sessions appear in the client area. If I stop the openvpn client on my computer (or it disconnects for some other reason), one of those sessions disappears, but one remains, and doesn't disappear for some time (more than half an hour, but variable).
When I reconnect, another 2 sessions appear, and one will remain the same as above.
Pressing the disconnect button in the client area on these sessions either does nothing, or changes a different session to "disconnection pending".

I discovered this earlier when I couldn't connect to the vpn due to having the maximum 5 active sessions, but there was no actual active connection. I verified that there were no openvpn processes running on any computer I use, and had to wait for sessions to disappear from the active sessions list before I could reconnect.
I'm reluctant to test more than I have to avoid the same situation since I use the vpn for all internet access.

Using openvpn on linux with generated configs, on two different computers (one arch linux, one ubuntu) each running different versions of openvpn (2.5.4 and 2.4.7).
Most connections have been to server Xuange, with some on Baiten. I'm not going to try others unless there's good reason to think it would avoid the problem, so I don't fill the active sessions list again.

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Oof, okay; never heard of that one before… whenever I connect, I end up with exactly one session, so I don't see how to troubleshoot this on my end. Maybe Staff can help? Try a support ticket, too.


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Investigation on this case and a few similar ones will start soon. It's a rare issue as far as we can see and it's confirmed.

Please try now. If you still can't connect we will compensate the fact that you can't access the service until the problem is resolved. If you have urgent need to connect and still you can't now, please open a ticket and we will give you a disposable account for the time being necessary to resolve the bug.

Kind regards

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