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Eddie doesn't seem to be compatible with the latest Mac OS (i.e. Monterrey). The Client initially connects and works fine, until it crashes - after that i cannot restart the client again, after inputting my admin pw an error msg pops up:

Unable to obtain elevated privileges (required): Unable to start (Client not allowed: Remote executable '/Applications/Eddie.app/Contents/MacOS/Eddie' not signed)

anybody else with the same problem?

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seems to work...i'll keep you posted if any crashes still occur. thanks for the quick response!


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Im experiencing the same issue here - M1 iMac with Monterrey.

Im using the Beta but Eddie still crashes unexpectedlly and that leaves the DNS settings changed. So in order to get the Mac back working you first need to manually reset the DNS settings in System preferences/NEtwork and than restart Eddie.

But today I experience a new and worse problem - after I start Eddie I am stuck in the login window ad nothing works. I have the cursor but no click is recognized by eddie so I cannot click Login or anything. I didnt change anything since yesterday so  have no clue whats going on :(

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I was having the same problem after upgrading to Monterrey, installed the beta Eddie, and was still having problems. 

I am on 2020 MacBook Air, the system right before the M1 chip.

I called AppleCare and was instructed to delete:


Hope it works for you like it seems to for me.

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MacOS Monterey on MBP M1 Pro. Eddie disconnect when Mac goes to sleep, then it often crashes. It doesn't start anymore because it can't obtain privileges. I need to reinstall it everytime. Thank you in advance for an update that solves this problem. 

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7 hours ago, Staff said:


Can you please confirm that after you followed AppleCare recommendations the problem got resolved? Thanks in advance!

Kind regards
Yes, I can confirm, it solved the problems. The deleted .plist files are recreated on restart automatically, but I am sure you already know that.

However, I also made a few other fine tunings:

1: I changed the Desktop from my own pictures to the Apple desktop background. Monterrey OS seemed to want to log me off at random otherwise.
2: I noticed I would get locked up when running another Mac with Tunnelblck (since that old MacPro Nehalem workhorse is too old for Eddie) and active data exchanges were ongoing, so I thought maybe my ISP was throttling the connection and changed Eddie beta protocols on my Macbook Air from Automatic to Port 80. No problems since then.

Of course, Monterrey seems buggy and Apple is not as nimble and responsive a corporation as they once used to be, so I expect I will be continuing the fine tuning.


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