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Iyam Nadie

Yatse/Kodi not working with AirVPN enabled?

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I have VPN Manager for OpenVPN on my Kodi install and I use the Yatse app on my mobile device as my Kodi remote control.

Yatse works fine with VPN off, but as soon as I switch to an application that I have OpenVPN enable VPN automatically, I immediately get disconnected from my Yatse remote. (Although certain options in the Yatse app still work)

I sent logs to the developer of the Yatse app and he basically told me AirVPN doesn't allow communication between Yatse and Kodi. Anyone have any similar experience using an app that utilizes the configured Web server port for remote control in Kodi while connected to AirVPN?

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@Iyam Nadie


Yatse "receiver" and client listen to ports 8083 and 9077. Can those ports be configured, both in server and client? If so, you can remotely forward ports in our system (from your account "Client Area" > "Ports" panel) and then configure Yatse server and client to listen / reach to the same port numbers you remotely forwarded, as long as you need to contact Yatse receiver from the Internet.

If those ports are hard coded (but hopefully in 2021 nobody hard codes anything anymore) you can't follow our suggestion.

However, you could consider to reach the Yatse listening service from and to the local network, no need to send the packets to the Internet from your home network, and then receive them back, after they traveled around the world, to your home again. Can Yatse service be configured to bind to a specific interface?

Kind regards


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Thanks for your reply!

So after doing some digging, I found this article: https://kinkeadtech.com/remotely-control-kodi-xbmc-with-yatse-using-port-forwarding/

From the article, the ports are actually 8083 and 9777. My Kodi web server is setup to use port 8080 and the Yatse app is configured to use the same web server port. In the Yatse app, I can change port 9777 to another port if needed, but nothing for port 8083 which I would assume is hardcoded for the Kodi API. (Based on the above article)

Just for a try, I created forwarded ports in my AirVPN client area with the above ports assigned to the "Local Port" section, but I still have the same issue. I of course might be missing something here, but any other ideas?

At least from the the debug logs I created from Yatse, it keeps saying that my mobile device was unable to connect to the assigned local IP address on port 8080 of my Kodi box once Kodi is connected to VPN.

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