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goldcrest manual server list

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Using bluetit and goldcrest is it possible to specify a list of servers to be used?

Yes, please check the manual here:

The option meeting your needs is:

--air-white-server-list, -G : AirVPN white server list <list>

List items shall be separated by a comma. Enjoy AirPVN suite!

Kind regards

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Thank you, so I use for example:

goldcrest -O -G Fawaris,Norma,Lacaille

but then I get error:
 ERROR: Reached end of AirVPN server list. No suitable server found.

whats the problem?

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Can we see the complete Goldcrest log, Bluetit log and bluetit.rc and goldcrest.rc files content? To print Bluetit log:
sudo journalctl | grep bluetit

Kind regards

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I hope it's ok to necro this, given this is the exact setup & error I'm trying to get working, and no solution seems to have been posted. I have the following bluetit.rc config entries:

bootserver                  http://[2a03:b0c0:0:1010::9b:c001]

airusername                             MASKED
airpassword                             MASKED
airkey                                  MASKED
airconnectatboot                        quick
aircountry                              GB
airwhiteserverlist                      Asterope,Chow,Naos,Alathfar,Alshain,Arion,Asterion
airwhitecountrylist                     GB
country                                 GB

Bluetit fails with

Starting Bluetit - AirVPN OpenVPN 3 Service 1.2.0 - 22 March 2022
OpenVPN core 3.8.1 AirVPN linux arm64 64-bit
Copyright (C) 2012-2020 OpenVPN Inc. All rights reserved.
SSL Library: OpenSSL 1.1.1n  15 Mar 2022
bluetit.service: Can't open PID file /etc/airvpn/bluetit.lock (yet?) after start: Operation not permitted
Bluetit daemon started with PID 11927
External network is reachable via gateway through interface eth0
Successfully connected to D-Bus
Reading run control directives from file /etc/airvpn/bluetit.rc
IPv6 is not available in this system
System country set to GB by Bluetit policy.
Bluetit successfully initialized and ready
Starting AirVPN boot connection
AirVPN Manifest updater thread started
AirVPN Manifest update interval is 15 minutes
AirVPN Manifest update suspended: AirVPN boot connection initialization in progress
Updating AirVPN Manifest
Network filter and lock are using nftables
Successfully loaded kernel module nf_tables
Network filter successfully initialized
Session network filter and lock successfully enabled
AirVPN bootstrap servers are now allowed to pass through the network filter
Waiting for a valid AirVPN Manifest to be available
AirVPN Manifest successfully retrieved from server
Logging in AirVPN user MASKED
AirVPN user MASKED successfully logged in
Selected user key: MASKED
Auto quick connection mode enabled
Loading connection schemes from /etc/airvpn/connection_sequence.csv
ERROR: Reached end of AirVPN server list. No suitable server found.
Logging out AirVPN user MASKED
Session network filter and lock are now disabled
Received SIGTERM signal. Terminating Bluetit.
AirVPN Manifest updater thread finished

If I select airconnectatboot to be country, the configuration works but the server white list is ignored. Advice appreciated. This is on a Raspberry Pi, 64-bit OS. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Hello! Thanks for the thorough report.

The first failure is expected. By default, Bluetit refuses to connect to the same country you declare you are in (the old "golden rule") in "quick" mode. We will implement in the next Suite version an option (which is currently missing) to force Bluetit to accept "quick" connections from a country to the same country. In the meantime you can have a quick but dirty circumvention by setting a fake country (other than GB) in "country". directive Given that you have a precise white list, in this specific case the solution is fine.

The second behavior (successful connection) contradicts the above logic pertaining to the "golden rule", and it might be considered a bug. We will review the whole logic in a future quick fix release and we will see whether it's more rigorous this last behavior or a different one. However, please note that Eddie complies with the white list: when you white list both servers and countries, Bluetit (just like Eddie Android edition does) computes the union of all the sets you specified in order to build the final white list. This is logically correct in the design, in our opinion, because the logical operation to perform on multiple white sets is their union, not their intersection.

Kind regards

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