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ANSWERED Openvpn 2.5.3 released back in June

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I have always wondered when these updates are installed/ pushed to the Airvpn servers?    Airvpn has always been the first provider I know to be utilizing for instance the Chacha20. and now TLS 1.3 data channel wise

I didn't know if this was something Staff would be willing to post 

vulnerabilities are always found.   I want to stick with a provider who is going to stay on top of things 

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Upgrading OpenVPN implies disconnecting all users on a server; moreover any upgrade must be tested to be sure that it doesn't cause some unexpected problem. Therefore with the new version the operation is performed gradually on a small subset of servers at a time. Imagine what would happen if we disconnected everybody at once: 15000 disconnections with 15000 potential re-connection (TLS handshakes etc.) attempts in a matter of seconds. Even worse, what if some unexpected problem came out with the new version? Upgrading hastily and all at once would bring down the whole AirPVN infrastructure!

An exception is when a discovered critical vulnerability requires emergency update. This is not the case with OpenVPN, at the moment.

Staying on top of things also means not to upgrade blindly and/or hastily.

 Kind regards

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I see with maintenance on a few servers. Specs page lists servers with 2.53
Thank you. I am jumping to these servers primarily now 

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On 9/19/2021 at 1:33 PM, Air4141841 said:

vulnerabilities are always found.   I want to stick with a provider who is going to stay on top of things 

Most CVE get backported fixes, so dont asume version = version, centos 7 runs on kernel 3.10 but still is secure because of recent fixes.

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