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Port Forwarding with TCP working but not with UDP

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I was testing out a port i forwarded in the client area of the website, and am using eddie client to connect with the vpn. Upon using Port Forwarding Tester with the TCP protocol port appears open on Port Checker website however i change the protocol to UDP(in Port Forwarding Tester) the port appears closed on Port Checker.
Any solutions?

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Are you sure that your UDP port (in your local network interface) exists? Maybe the listening software accepts TCP packets, not UDP ones. Anyway UDP tests are not reliable for the very UDP nature (it's connectionless).

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Afaik for the UDP test to work, you must have a client application running that would respond to that incoming test packet. As an additional note, to eliminate any flukes, wait some time after adding a new port on the website and only then connect to a server (5-10min give or take - I had it not apply instantly in one occasion).
I wouldn't fully trust these testing websites. You could though monitor the traffic arriving at that port with Wireshark (when using these websites) to really see what's going on. In the Wireshark main menu, put "port 12345" where it says "...using this capture filter:" then double click the VPN interface (TUN/TAP) to start the capture. Now it will only capture traffic for the port you're interested in.

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My main issue was i was trying to setup a CSGO server which uses UDP and it wasn't working but the Minecraft server which uses TCP was, now i'm not sure if it's related to TCP or UDP but that seemed plausible ig

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