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Checksum Failure

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I can't seem to be able to download a working copy of hummingbird. It fails the hash check every time.

Running the macOS Intel (Notarized) version 1.1.2.

Below is what I see on my terminal:
Anon@Anon's-MacBook-Air hummingbird-macos-x86_64-1.1.2 % shasum -a 512 -c hummingbird.sha512                                           
hummingbird: FAILED
shasum: WARNING: 1 computed checksum did NOT match
Anon@Anon's-MacBook-Air hummingbird-macos-x86_64-1.1.2 % openssl sha512 hummingbird                                                              
SHA512(hummingbird)= de5756821dadf3a2539fac97aa7b635d0fda2f52dc2867d83e498f9f6769ab4a4fe9f27b6b87332371f97361d91808053d8bb75247ad3458a65bd5a7b7468f52

I've attached the files in question. Any help would be appreciated.

.ummingbird hummingbird.sha512 hummingbird-macos-x86_64-notarized-1.1.2.zip

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I also got a checksum failure.
It seems to work though, but I sure would feel a lot better about this if I got a match.

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We're very sorry, Apple notarization modifies the binary file. Use the non-notarized version to have the binary that we really developed and programmed.

We will see how to handle this issue very soon, maybe we can re-package the notarized version with the new checksum after Apple has changed our binary.  EDIT: no, we can't do that, as it would imply to re-modify the archive provided by Apple. We will therefore eliminate the checksum control in the binary for the notarized version. Checksum control for the archive remains.

We underline once again that we publish the non-notarized versions to offer you the option to have binaries which have not been modified by Apple.

Kind regards


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