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Bluetit can't access addresses with ports

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I have airvpn/bluetit suite running on my server but when I do I can't access any addresses on my local network that need a port. For example I can access the server itself at the address 192.XXX.XXX.10 but I cant access emby on 192.XXX.XXX.10:8962. Is this something to do with DNS is there a way round this?

Many Thanks

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Upload or paste the contents of bluetit.rc, please. Do not forget to delete the password from it!

16 minutes ago, bulbous_blues said:

Is this something to do with DNS is there a way round this?

There are no DNS requests if you connect via IP.

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Hi I have pasted below. I tried with ignorednspush on but didnt work. Thanks!

airconnectonboot            quick
airusername                bulbous_blues
airpassword                ************
# airkey                    <airvpn_user_key>
# airserver                    <airvpn_server_name>
# aircountry                <airvpn_country_name>
# airproto                    <udp|tcp>
airport                    37845, 8002
# manifestupdateinterval    <minutes>
# airwhiteserverlist        <server list>
# airblackserverlist        <server list>
# airwhitecountrylist        <server list>
# airblackcountrylist        <server list>
# country                    <ISO code>
# remote                    <ip|url list>
# proto                        <udp|tcp>
# port                        <port>
# tunpersist                <yes|no>
# cipher                    <cipher name>
# tcpqueuelimit                <value>
# ncpdisable                <yes|no>
# networklock                <on|iptables|nftables|pf|off>
# ignorednspush                yes
# timeout                    <seconds>
# compress                    <yes|no|asym>
# tlsversionmin                <disabled|default|tls_1_x>
# proxyhost                    <ip|url>
# proxyport                    <port>
# proxyusername                <username>
# proxypassword                <password>
# proxybasic                <yes|no>

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Any other ideas why running vpn would not allow me to connect to internal addresses with ports.Oh btw all these services are dockers, if that makes a difference.

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Bluetit can't interfere and should not be responsible of the issue you report.

In bluetit.rc file, the following line is wrong:
airport                    37845, 8002

because only one port must be provided and because none of those ports are valid. Our OpenVPN processes listen to ports 53, 80, 443, 1194, 2018.

In this case you might not notice the error because "airport" directive is ignored when connection mode is set to "quick" (NOTE: this feature changes in Suite 1.1.0). Anyway feel free to send us Bluetit log:
sudo journalctl | grep bluetit

Kind regards


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