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ARM M1 version has its issues

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I think I may go back to the previous version and just deal with the holiday pop up that never goes away.

Great that you have an M1 version of your program.

Here's the issues I'm aware of.

1. If Eddie is the menu bar and you click Connect it beach balls and it will never connect.
2.If you click Show Main Window don't click Connect to a Recommended Server unless you want to watch it conduct 250 latency tests.  I don't remember it doing this in the past. Instead I go to the Servers tab and just grab one to get going.
3. I can never exit the program through the menu.  I have to go to Activity Monitor to kill it off.

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As soon as Mono is available natively for Apple M1 based systems, Eddie will be re-built, therefore it will not need anymore Rosetta, not even for the GUI. Other glitches and bugs will be fixed as well.

Currently, you can run Hummingbird (another AirVPN free software) and have a 100% performance boost (you will notice the boost especially if you have a greater than 100 Mbit/s bandwidth). We offer Hummingbird highly optimized for M1 CPU.


If you decide to run an old Eddie version which is affected by the terrible "permanent banner" bug, you should be able to get rid of the banner by deleting all the AirVPN files, in particular default.profile (which was called default.xml in old versions).

Kind regards

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