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Eddie Desktop 2.20.0 released

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We're very glad to inform you that a new stable release of Eddie is now available for Linux (various ARM based architectures included), Mac, Windows.

Eddie is a free and open source (GPLv3) OpenVPN GUI and CLI by AirVPN with many additional features such as:

  • traffic leaks prevention via packet filtering rules
  • DNS handling
  • optional connections over Tor or a generic proxy
  • customizable events
  • traffic splitting on a destination IP address or host name basis
  • complete and swift integration with AirVPN infrastructure
  • white and black lists of VPN servers
  • ability to support IPv4, IPv6 and IPv6 over IPv4

What's new in Eddie 2.20.0

  • [change] [all] OpenVPN 2.5.1
  • [change] [all] New default setting - Networking -> Switch to 'Block' if issue is detected, new default value: True
  • [bugfix] [Windows 32bit] - Error at startup (released as a hotfix in 2.19.7 stable)
  • [bugfix] [all] "Failed to compare two elements in the array"
  • [bugfix] [all] Using OpenVPN provider other than AirVPN
  • [bugfix] [all] IPv6 in manifest/bootstrap
  • [bugfix] [Linux] Elevation failure on Ubuntu on some arm64/aarch64 architecture

Eddie GUI and CLI now run with normal user privileges, while only a "backend" binary, which communicates with the user interface with authentication, gains root/administrator privileges, with important security safeguards in place:

  • stricter parsing is enforced before passing a profile to OpenVPN in order to block insecure OpenVPN directives
  • external system binaries which need superuser privileges (examples: openvpn, iptables, hummingbird) will not be launched if they do not belong to a superuser
  • Eddie events are no more run with superuser privileges: instead of trusting blindly user's responsibility and care when dealing with events, now the user is required to explicitly operate to run something with high privileges, if necessary

Backend binary is written in C++ on all systems (Windows included), making the whole application faster.

Settings, certificates and keys of your account stored on your mass storage can optionally be encrypted on all systems either with a Master Password or in a system key-chain if available.

Eddie 2.20.0 can be downloaded here:
https://airvpn.org/linux - Linux version
https://airvpn.org/macos - Mac version
https://airvpn.org/windows - Windows version

Eddie is free and open source software released under GPLv3. Source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/AirVPN/Eddie

Complete changelog can be found here.

Kind regards & datalove
AirVPN Staff

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This is mainly a bug fix release.

Windows users: Preferences -> Advanced -> Use wintun driver is still disabled by default in this version, but we recommend to our beta testers to check it and report any issue, thanks.

Kind regards

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Portable version of 2.20 on Windows 10 asks You to download missing redistributables (C++) or to use the installer version even though You have those redistributables (C++) installed on your computer.

However,  version 2.19 works fine.

Does any one else have this problem?

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2.18.9 is the latest version that works for me. Anything later shows the error "Unable to obtain elevated privileges (required): Unable to start (unable to initialize service)"

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1 hour ago, AV8512349576 said:

2.18.9 is the latest version that works for me. Anything later shows the error "Unable to obtain elevated privileges (required): Unable to start (unable to initialize service)"


» I am not an AirVPN team member. All opinions are my own and are not to be considered official. Only the AirVPN Staff account should be viewed as such.

» The forums is a place where you can ask questions to the community. You are not entitled to guaranteed answer times. Answer quality may vary, too. If you need professional support, please create tickets.

» If you're new, take some time to read LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN. On questions, use the search function first. On errors, search for the error message instead.

» If you choose to create a new thread, keep in mind that we don't know your setup. Give info about it. Never forget the OpenVPN logs or, for Eddie, the support file (Logs > lifebelt icon).

» The community kindly asks you to not set up Tor exit relays when connected to AirVPN. Their IP addresses are subject to restrictions and these are relayed to all users of the affected servers.


» Furthermore, I propose that your paranoia is to be destroyed. If you overdo privacy, chances are you will be unique amond the mass again.

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I'm so happy!

v2.20.0 is the first release that works for me on Windows 8.1 since v2.16.3 .

I had some problems with the Tap Driver v9.24.2, but with v9.24.6.601, no more problem. And 2.20 is much more faster to start and connect.

Thanks thousand times Team!

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Why the SSL protocol constant reconnection? How to fix?

! 2021.03.23 11:14:26 - Connected.
. 2021.03.23 11:14:26 - OpenVPN > Initialization Sequence Completed
. 2021.03.23 11:14:34 - SSL > LOG6[0]: TLS closed (SSL_read)
. 2021.03.23 11:14:34 - SSL > LOG3[0]: transfer: s_poll_wait: TIMEOUTclose exceeded: closing
. 2021.03.23 11:14:34 - SSL > LOG5[0]: Connection closed: 16426 byte(s) sent to TLS, 23952 byte(s) sent to socket
. 2021.03.23 11:14:34 - OpenVPN > Connection reset, restarting [0]
. 2021.03.23 11:14:34 - OpenVPN > SIGUSR1[soft,connection-reset] received, process restarting
. 2021.03.23 11:14:34 - OpenVPN > Restart pause, 5 second(s)
! 2021.03.23 11:14:34 - Disconnecting

For SSH protocol it ok?

. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > We claim version: SSH-2.0-PuTTY_Release_0.73
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Remote version: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_7.9p1 Debian-10+deb10u2
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Using SSH protocol version 2
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > No GSSAPI security context available
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Doing ECDH key exchange with curve Curve25519 and hash SHA-256 (unaccelerated)
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Server also has ecdsa-sha2-nistp256/ssh-rsa host keys, but we don't know any of them
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Host key fingerprint is:
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > ssh-ed25519 255 a4:cf:f3:14:34:70:b4:5a:af:b7:72:ad:1f:03:dc:49
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > The server's host key is not cached in the registry. You
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > have no guarantee that the server is the computer you
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > think it is.
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > The server's ssh-ed25519 key fingerprint is:
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > ssh-ed25519 255 a4:cf:f3:14:34:70:b4:5a:af:b7:72:ad:1f:03:dc:49
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > If you trust this host, enter "y" to add the key to
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > PuTTY's cache and carry on connecting.
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > If you want to carry on connecting just once, without
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > adding the key to the cache, enter "n".
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > If you do not trust this host, press Return to abandon the
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > connection.
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Store key in cache? (y/n) Initialised AES-256 SDCTR (AES-NI accelerated) outbound encryption
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Initialised HMAC-SHA-256 (unaccelerated) outbound MAC algorithm
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Initialised AES-256 SDCTR (AES-NI accelerated) inbound encryption
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Initialised HMAC-SHA-256 (unaccelerated) inbound MAC algorithm
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Reading key file "C:\-\-\-\Eddie\40b8dccae1319b46f228dc61f3f0e2d9078ba36a24277ea7cc61c9219704951f.tmp.ppk"
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Using username "sshtunnel".
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Offered public key
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Offer of public key accepted
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Authenticating with public key ""
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Sent public key signature
. 2021.03.23 11:16:29 - SSH > Access granted


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Works good, but before each serverconnect i get #3 tries of "checking route ipv4" 
What could that be?

2021.03.26 09:04:26 - Flushing DNS
I 2021.03.26 09:04:26 - Checking route IPv4
. 2021.03.26 09:04:26 - Fetch url error:Couldn't connect to server
. 2021.03.26 09:04:26 - Checking route (2° try)
. 2021.03.26 09:04:27 - Fetch url error:Couldn't connect to server
. 2021.03.26 09:04:27 - Checking route (3° try)
I 2021.03.26 09:04:29 - Checking route IPv6
I 2021.03.26 09:04:30 - Checking DNS
! 2021.03.26 09:04:30 - Connected.

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It works great for me ... but then again, almost all of the previous Eddies have worked great for me, too.  However:

I'm running Ubuntu 20.10, and Eddie runs great until I minimize it.  It then runs great for a while (several hours, perhaps), and then it disconnects.  This has been true of every previous version of Eddie - experimental or otherwise - and every previous version of Ubuntu probably since 16.04 (I don't recall exactly when I started using AirVPN with Ubuntu) - LTS or otherwise.  I never mentioned it before figuring it'd probably get fixed, but it never has.  Have other people using Ubuntu/Linux seen this?  (Desktop is Gnome.)


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2.20 works better for me. Also switched to Hummingbird Mode.

I had 4 issues before:
1. Ports were not properly forwarded. - Now only happened once since release.
2. DNS Settings were not always properly reset after Eddie quits (one out of two times.) Now works every time.
3. Still have the occasional Log line: "Exception, Rules not loaded" and the pfctl config is dumped into the log.
4. I rarely had the "3 tries of checking route IPv4" before. Now I have it every three or four days.

@Staff Download Page of Eddie https://airvpn.org/macos/eddie/ : When I click on "Other Versions" a pop up window opens. It still says 2.19.7 Stable Version. No mention of 2.20.


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under debian / kali

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
eddie-ui : Depends: libappindicator1 but it is not installable
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.


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Unfortunately there is no coordination  between different Linux distributions, so you find different, and often mutually incompatible, configurations, package names, package managers, directory structures, ilibraries and library names, init systems, DNS handling and so on. You find distributions which in their latest version use packages and/or kernel which are 10 years old (even the clib, just to say...), distributions which run a few years old packages and kernel, and distributions on the bleeding edge. Some distributions differ from each other so deeply that in a sense they can be considered different Operating Systems (today not even built on a common kernel anymore). Out of curiosity have a look here:

That's to say that it's difficult nowadays to develop something "for Linux" with any little complexity degree that will run out of the box on every and each distribution, Not even by statically linking everything (which is anyway an extreme and not an elegant solution....) you can be sure to reach a high compatibility degree. Actually you can see that since years ago, some software houses tend not to say anymore that their software is "for Linux", but for some specific distribution ("for Ubuntu", "for Debian/Ubuntu", "for openSUSE", and so on).

To mitigate the problem, we offer an AppImage for Eddie. Try it if libappindicator1 is not available in your system. AppImage should run out of the box in at least eight major distributions and most of all of their plethora of  derivatives.

Eddie AppImage can be found in the usual Linux download page:

As a further alternative, you can consider the AirVPN Suite for Linux, but only if you don't need a GUI. https://airvpn.org/suite/readme/

A formidable effort has been put both on Eddie and on the AirPVN Suite to let them work out of the box in an exceptionally wide amount of distributions and architectures, but of course anything can be improved. Please consider that about one thousand Linux distributions were around in 2020. Can you tell us your distribution name and exact version?

Kind regards

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Posted ... (edited)
The problem still exists (Kali 2021.2)

sudo apt-get install eddie-ui
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 eddie-ui : Depends: libappindicator1 but it is not installable
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

Install manually

  Edited ... by TheMicape

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