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Hi, i am running AirVPN on iphone (ios 14.4). I can't figure out how to keep the vpn always-on.
Every time i put the iphone to sleep (switching off the screen) the vpn disconnect. If i wake up the screen, then it reconnect and again off after a couple of seconds the screen goes off.
The log says:

Can someone help me?

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There should be a setting for this, like "try to reconnect continuously" or something.
In any case, I'm reading on Reddit that this is sometimes hit and miss, depending on things like whether you connect on mobile or WLAN, number and kind of apps installed, connection parameters and even which VPN provider you're using. There's no formula to make it work for everyone, it seems.

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openvpn-connect can be configured as a VPN On Demand application. "VPN-On-Demand ... allows a VPN profile to specify the conditions under which it will automatically connect."

Setup is not trivial and requires some patience and time, please see here:

Not all OpenVPN services meets "VPN on Demand" requirements. The necessary requisites are met by AirVPN.

Kind regards

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