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Why some servers perform better than others? Are they born equal?

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I have a 1000mbit both directional fibre connection and trying to find the best port, and best protocol but this is much harder than it sounds because it would seem your servers are not born equal.

What I mean by this is, testing Alblasserdam - Netherlands servers I was testing for a long time Matar, the server constantly read around 60 users, and had around 30%-40% of 1000mbit consumed. I would be happy with getting 200-300 Mbps on the upload so I assumed this would be a fine server to use. I could not get better than 140 Mbps in any direction, then I jumped over to Nash, which had a similar profile of users, and capacity, and it shot up to 270 Mbps. I understand its more technical than this because just because it shows the amount of users on the server, it doesn't show us the full picture of how many concurrent connections they have each, and the routes their traffic is going which would affect the test. 

However testing Nash at 70% consumed to that of 30% of Matar I get a better speed from Nash which raises eyebrows.

Are all servers born equal? they use the same switches, same hardware and so on? I don't believe anything is being throttled by my ISP as the TCP 443, UDP 433 in IP3 and IP4 perform fairly similar to all the other IP's, Ports, and Protocols.


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The monitor correctly shows the amount of online sessions, not online users, connected to each VPN server (or country etc.). That said, Nash and Matar are in the same datacenter, have the same configuration and very similar hardware They are also served by the same transit providers. Therefore, so it's not easy to think of a satisfactory explanation. We could start from the fact that our servers in Alblasserdam are connected to a pool of several 10+ Gbit/s lines and more than one high volume router, but we can not see any symptom of congestion in any rack in Alblasserdam, as you indirectly noticed too. In any case, connect to the server(s) that can provide you with the best performance.

Kind regards

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