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Dear friends,
Any one who has the opportunity to use Wevpn services can share their thoughts? 

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A newcomer, it seems. I'd give them a bit more time to develop everything. So far:

  • Server country selection is mostly sound – if you ignore things like UAE and Brazil.
  • Support for all relevant protocols, which is nice. Wireguard caveats are in privacy policy instead of FAQ, which is weird, but okay, it's there. Moving on.
  • Closed source software. Yellow flag. No Linux means general focus on revenue. Didn't check any of them; how should I, anyway?
  • Microsoft and Google crash reporting services in software. Yellow flag. Would've appreciated something open sourcey and selfhosted like sentry.io.
  • Mention of a warrant canary again. Still not sure if they work..
  • I think an expert would choose a firewall over application-based killswitch functionality any day, this hasn't happened here. A bit sad, but maybe driven by the general VPN user base always looking at a killswitch feature in a VPN service app, and not understanding that firewalls are more robust, even if somewhat more difficult to setup and troubleshoot.
  • Trifle: Some of the FAQ answers are not updated or even checked for spelling, grammar and logic. On Static or Dedicated IP address? for example both dynamic and static addresses are ruled out, even with a lexical syntax error, creating the potential for confusion.
Then, privacy policy:
Although we provide unlimited data transfer, if we notice that a single user pushes more traffic than thousands of others combined, therefore affecting the quality of service for other WeVPN users, we are able to correlate aggregate data across WeVPN network to a user (by email) for abuse prevention purposes and therefore we may contact that user for an explanation.
"We log your usage, and if we think you're naughty, we will contact you. If we couldn't reach you, we will terminate access. If we could, your answers can and will be used against you." Sounds liberating, still want to torrent with WeVPN? :) We can say that a working mail is required.

But above all I found this one downright hilarious:
As veterans of the VPN industry, we are aware of ThatOnePrivacySite and the resources they put together to highlight potential issues with VPN providers which may compromise the privacy and security of their users. To make thing's easier for ThatOnePrivacySite, here are the answers to their questions:
At least they're aware how that guy ranks VPN services, they're happy to provide him with a template. :DSame rules apply: I can simply set up a new VPN service, promise him everything and more and it'd be the best in the market!


LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN « Plenty of stuff for advanced users, too!

Unofficial Eddie for Android F-Droid repository: repo.opensourcery.eu

Want to contact me directly? All relevant methods are on my About me page.

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