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macOS BigSur

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As of current retail/production build of macOS bigSur 11.0.1:

bypass apples builtin (iptables? i presume), third party Lulu, third party paid like Little Snitch, Handsoff, pirated apps included.

Date, Time, Computer, ISP, City, State, Application Hash



Apples followup: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202491

  1. deleting the IP logs <== 😉 sure thing

  2. encrypting the communication between macOS and Apple to prevent the privacy leak  <== LMAO dafuq

  3. giving users an option of disabling these online checks that leak what apps you’re opening and when. <== blocking api.smoot.apple.com in hosts??

Thoughts?  I assume this effects all services, like AirVpn [NO, WRONG ASSUMPTION - Staff}, Nord, ProtonVPN etc.

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Of course, the problem has nothing to do with Eddie Network Lock.

Eddie and Hummingbird enforce Network Lock thorugh pf rules. The mentioned problem is that kernel extensions are deprecated, and the new API NetworkExtensions includes exceptions to filtering rules which allow 56 Apple apps and services to bypass any filtering rule enforced via the API. That's quite atrocious and says a lot about Apple's respect toward its customers, but that's how it is. However, pf is the system firewall which is autonomous from NetworkExtensions API and its exceptions. Therefore Eddie and Hummingbird Network Lock are working fine just as usual.

Note that the NetworkExtensions exceptions were active even in Catalina. However, nobody noticed them because third-party firewalls bypassed them by relying on kernel extensions (kexts). Now that kexts don't work anymore, the problem has exploded, but as usual you are safe with AirVPN Network Lock both in Eddie and Hummingbird.

Kind regards


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