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Fedora 33 - Checking DNS failed. systemd-resolved

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Using Eddie 2.18.9 and the OS Fedora 32 works great. After upgrading to Fedora 33, Eddie 2.18.9 failed to connect to any server with this error : "Checking DNS failed". In the preferences, if I uncheck DNS -> Check AirVPN DNS, then it will connect. BUT this will be unsafe as there will be a DNS leak as tested with ipleak.net .

There has been a change in the way Fedora handle DNS in the 33 version :
systemd-resolved: introduction to split DNS (

Fedora 33 now use systemd-resolved for DNS queries. IMHO This is the culprit.

Please help with this issue : default safe configuration is now broken and disabling AirVPN DNS  is not as secure as I could expect using AirVPN.

Kind regards.

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Yes, we are aware of the issue. You are almost right. systemd-resolved can work in different modes. One of those modes is not compatible with the DNS handling performed by Hummingbird and Eddie.

Same problem with Hummingbird. Please see here for a momentary workaround and a more detailed insight on the specific working mode, causing the issue, of systemd-resolved now enabled by default on Fedora 33:

The workaround suggests to disable systemd-resolved, but in reality you could also keep it up but re-configure it to work in any "resolv.conf" compatible mode.

Kind regards

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Thank you for the quick answer. I disabled the service using those commands :

$ sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved
$ sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved
Now I can use the default configuration for Eddie, and it doesn't leak DNS anymore according to ipleak.net .
I'll wait for an update to use systemd-resolved in the future, which seems to bring new features.

Kind regards. Edited ... by WYjNh056OGEG2tgNvV4iHzoNNU
Typo ipleak.net

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