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pfSense OpenVPN Client Cascade

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This is about an OpenVPN cascade on pfSense.

I would like to see some pfSense users join this thread. If there was enough money for a programmer as an incentive, such a script would be finished faster. You are also welcome to provide ideas what such a script should be able to do.



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I already know the link from https://nguvu.org/pfsense/pfsense-multi-vpn-wan/. pfSense only allows a failover when the client is down or "packet loss or high latency".

The script I asked for in the pfSense forum should automatically restart the chain if, for example, the second server of three fails. This should ensure the order.

I think it would be more complicated if you restart the failed server and restart the route order.

For this purpose a KillSwitch would be helpful, which makes sure that pfSense does not leave anything if for example the second server fails.

Do you have any other suggestions?



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I agree with Stephen use the remote command :
put the servers to reconnect to in the order you want them to reconnect too.

today was literally a perfect example. My isp dropped at least 5 times today

i had ; 
remote us3.vpn.airdns.org 443;
under client / custom options. It reconnected once my isp got its issue fixed.  You could use the static ip instead followed by the port to use 

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