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How To Configure For Anonymity

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I do not want my ISP to know that I am using AirVPN, therefore I need to go thru Tor first.  But I don't want the sites I visit to think I am using Tor, so therefore I need to reach them thru the VPN.

How can this be configured properly?

Thank you.

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Probably the least difficult solution is using a Virtual Machine. Connect the host to a VPN server over Tor (OpenVPN over Tor). Then run a VM and attach the VM to the host via NAT (very important to achieve your purpose). Connect the VM to a different VPN server. Use your VM only to connect to the final services on the Internet.

Traffic from the VM will be tunneled over OpenVPN over Tor over OpenVPN. The final services will not see a Tor exit-node IP address (instead they will see VPN server exit-IP address), while your ISP will not see that you connect to a VPN or that you run OpenVPN, it will see that you're using Tor.

Things to consider carefully:

  • if VPN traffic is "problematic" for your ISP or country, probably Tor traffic will be even more "problematic"
  • performance will be hit seriously

Kind regards

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Hi Staff,


On 9/2/2020 at 9:31 PM, Staff said:

 Connect the VM to a different VPN server. Use your VM only to connect to the final services on the Internet.

So If I understand, I would install Eddie on the Virtual Machine too, so both the Host AND the VM have Eddie installed.  How else could one choose a "different VPN Server" for the VM without Eddie also being installed on the VM?
Am I correctly understanding your instructions correctly?

Thank you

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