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eddie-cli: How to Use

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How do you generally use this application?  I checked the man pages for eddie-cli, but it's a bit lacking.  I can't find any user guides or how tos that go into any depth.

  • the man pages say you can add stuff to your default.profile, but it doesn't actually say how.  the --remember switch doesn't add the username and pw that I used.  I need to get my pw out of the command parameters and add some custom routes so i don't lose access to my servers
  • the --connect switch doesn't actually connect to the server.  no firewall logs indicating anything is blocked.  it just hangs after the latency test at "3 to go".
  • the --help switch is really just a copy of the man pages
  • i used --server switch, but it said "Requested server 'True' not found".  the man pages say, when empty, default is the publicly recommended server, not "True".
  • pressing n says server switch requested, but no further updates are drawn indicating its status
  • man pages has --connect switch labelled twice, one with a more verbose definition indicating it is for connecting automatically at startup, but this doesn't seem to connect automatically at startup as i have to type this command

I am on Fedora.  I prefer to use openvpn and make my own netlock but this may be easier to switch servers.

Is there a more robust user guide on how to use this?  I feel it may save me time if I can just use this as I'd have to write a bunch of stuff if I want to use openvpn


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